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Medicinal Plants 12

(Morinda citrifolia, Linn.)
Sinonim : Bancudus latifolia, Rumph.
Familia : Rubiaceae
Noni (Morinda citrifolia), including the type of coffee-copies. Noni can grow in the lowlands up to 1500 meters at a height of land above sea level. Noni is a native plant from Indonesi. This plant has a stem is not too big with tree height 3-8 m. Compound leaves are opposite, leaves 20-40 cm long and 7-15 cm wide. The flowers are hump-shaped relationship that are small and white. The fruit is glossy green and oval-shaped buni tangible fruit with variations trotol-trotol. Seeds and small lots contained in the fruit flesh. In general, noni plant breeding in the wild in the forests or the periphery-periphery maintained home gardens.
Curable Disease:
Hypertension, jaundice, fever, Influenza, cough, abdominal pain; Removal of scales on the feet;
1. Hypertension
Ingredients: 2 pieces of Noni that have been cooked in a tree and 1 tablespoon
eat honey.
Directions: noni fruit is squeezed to take w…

Medicinal Plants 11

(Averrhoa bilimbi L.)
Sinonim :-
Familia :Oxalidaceae
Small tree, reaching 10 m high with a trunk that is not so big and has a diameter of only about 30 cm. Planted as fruit trees, sometimes grows wild and is found from the lowlands to 500 m dpi. Trees originating from tropical America where it wants to grow is not shaded and quite humid. Carambola wuluh have rough bumpy stem, branching slightly, leaning over him. Young branches smooth-haired velvety, light brown color. Leaves odd pinnate compound leaf form with 21-45 pairs of leaflets. Children short-stemmed leaves, shape ovate to elliptic, pointed tip, base rounded, flat edge, 2-10 cm long, 1-3 cm wide, green color, lower surface light green. Inflorescence a panicle, group, out of the trunk or large branches, small flower-shaped reddish-purple star. Buni fruit fruit, round-cornered oval, length from 4 to 6.5 Ern, yellowish green color, when ripe juicy lot, sour taste. Seed shape is oval, flattened. Taste the fruit acids, used as …

Medicinal Plants 10

(Piper betle L. Var rubrum)
During this time, people familiar with the green leafy plant betel hereditary utilized to address a variety of complaints such as nosebleeds, red eyes, discharge, making a loud voice, and more. Efficacy of betel leaf has been clinically tested. Until now, research on this plant are also being developed.
Traditionally, the betel leaf is used as a supplement in traditional ceremonies such as marriage customs in Java. Betel leaf is also used for dental hygiene and mouth with(chewing betel nut).
However, recent red betel plant (Piper betle L. Var rubrum), because the rise is believed to have medicinal benefits are far more diverse. The form was far more interesting than regular betel.
Although not yet known with certainty the origin of this medicinal plant, red betel frequently encountered in various regions. For example in environmental palace of Yogyakarta and the slopes of Mount Merapi, Papua, West Java, Aceh, and several other areas.
Drug Whitish
In early…

Medicinal Plants 9

(Piper betle, Linn.)
Sinonim :Chavica auriculata Miq. Artanthe hixagona.
Familia :Piperaceae
Betel (Piper betle), including the type of vines and leaning on another tree trunk. This plant can reach tens of meters in length. Flat leaf shape resembles a heart and rather long stalks. The surface of green leaves and smooth, while the trunk is green tembelek (brownish green) and surface rough skin and wrinkled. Besides betel leaf ingredients for drugs are also still used by mothers of the older generation for completeness 'nginang' (Java). Usually completeness for 'nginang' is betel leaf, betel leaf, areca nut, gambier, and cardamom.
Curable Disease:
Eye pain, eczema, bad breath, itchy skin, eliminate acne, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, bronchitis, cough, Sprue, Luka; Keputihan, heart pain, Syphilis, Allergy / biduren, Diarrhoea, Toothache;
1. Reducing excessive milk products
Ingredients: 4 pieces of betel leaf and coconut oil to taste.
Method: betel leaf smeared wit…

Medicinal Plants 8

(Sida rhombifolia L.)
Sinonim :S. alnifolia Lour., S. phillippica DC., S. retusa L., S. semicrenata Link., S. spinosa
Familia :Malvaceae
grows wild on the roadside, the page was grass, forests, fields, and places with bright sunshine or a little sheltered. These plants are spread in tropical regions around the world from the lowlands to 1450 m above sea level. This branched upright shrub can reach 2 m high with a small branch haired meeting. Single leaf, alternate location, shape ovate or lanceolate, serrated edge, pointed tip, pertulangan pinnate, the lower short-haired gray color, length 1.5 to 4 cm, width 1 to 1.5 cm. Single bright yellow flower that comes out of the armpit leaves, blooms at about 12 noon and wilted about three hours later. Fruit with 80-10 kendaga, diameter of 6-7 mm. Sidaguri strong roots and skin, used for making rope. Propagation by seed .
Purple leaf (Graptophyllum pictum), including plants that have stems erect shrub, small size and the height can only re…

Medicinal Plants 7

[Jatropha podagrica Hook]
Familia :Euphorbiaceae
This plant can be found as an ornamental plant, grown in the garden or place of recreation. Originally, from tropical America. Upright shrub, height 0.5 to 1.5 m, sticky white color, single or slightly branched stems, with the enlarged base of the stem and swell like a tuber. Leaves 20-30 cm long stemmed, leaf blade wake shield, oval shaped cross-section widened to the size of 20-40 cm, bercangap 3 or 5, Taju pointed or rounded. Average interest in the long-stemmed panicles, with female flowers and male flowers on one stalk, red-orange color. Fruit shape broad elliptical, berkendaga three, 1.5 cm long. Seed long oval or round.
Curable Disease:
Fever, swollen beaten, bitten by a snake
PART USED: Whole plant
- Fever
- Swelling hit
- venomous snake bitten
To drink: 10-15 g boiled. The waste is used to paste on the sore place.

Medicinal Plants 6

(Graptophyllum pictum, (Linn), Griff.)
Sinonim : = G. hortense, Nees.
Familia :Acanthaceae
Purple leaf (Graptophyllum pictum), including plants that have stems erect shrub, small size and the height can only reach 3 feet, usually growing wild in rural areas or planted as an ornamental or medicinal plants, purple leaf grows didaearah suitable low altitude above 1250 meters sea level. Trunk: The trunk of purple, the stem-shaped cross-section triangular blunt approach. Leaf: leaf position and their structure is located, face to face Interest: Stackable in a series of bunches of dark red.
Curable Disease:
Hemorrhoid, Smooth dispose of urine, menstrual Smooth,; rheumatic / Gout, Ulcer
1. Hemorrhoid
Ingredients: 3-7 pieces of purple leaf and fennel pulawaras
Way of making: braised together with 3 cups water to boil,
then filtered.
How to use: Drink 1 time every morning on a regular basis
2. Launched an art pee
Ingredients: 1-2 handheld purple leaves and fennel pulowaras.
pounded to…