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Planting of medicinal plants in the yard

If you have an interest in growing medicinal herbs you may want to consider preparing your own. This will take a little work from you but the benefits far out way the labour. You could grow lots of different herbs that are proven to have medicinal properties. This article will endeavour to show you some of these herbs and their uses.
Some of the advantages of growing medicinal herbs in your own garden are:
* You can use your own home grown herbs to help anything from digestive problems to warts.
* You can just go outside and pick the appropriate herb for the job in hand. No more dashing off to the store to buy your herbs.
* Growing herbs at home will cost you much less than if you were to buy them every time you wanted to make an infusion or a preparation.
* As you have planted and nurtured your own herbs you can be sure or their origin and the fact that they have been grown under the best conditions.
* You can be sure that there have been no chemicals added during…

Ayurveda and Herbs‘the science of life’

“Ayurveda”, ‘the science of life’, in other words is a traditional medicine system native to the Indian sub-continent. It is a very substantial compilation of some incredible herbal “jadibutis” or herbs and processes which can cure or prevent any kind of maladies or ailments in human body or mind system. Old is not just gold here, instead it seeks and means life here. Derived from thousands of years of research, experimentation and actual-proofs, Ayurveda stands upright in the triumphant world of medical science. Ayurvedic herbal products are an outcome of the same; the centuries of well being and successful cures for most serious of disorders and problems of the body and the psyche. Natural procedures are always better than the artificial ones, and that is the strongest pillar that supports the Ayurvedic herbal world; it is so innate and natural so that it heals from the root that too without any side effects.
The body, mind and soul need to be addressed both individually and in unis…

Research for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Red rosella flower that has been clikeringkan and brewed into a cup of tea taste sedikitasam bercitara is able to overcome cough, gout, cholesterol, hypertension, free radicals, and tonic (tonic). In addition, based on scientific research conducted scientists Sudan, red rosella also efficacious for lowering blood pressure (hypotensive), respiratory antikejang, anticacing (antelmintik), and antibacterial. "Alhamdulillah, after three months of red roselle tea, my blood sugar down from 320 to 101 and my blood pressure also improved, "said the lily. Now he is free from chemical drugs he had consumed for fifteen years and his health had improved Cup of Tea Rosella Red: Another Testimony healthful came from Linares (29 years) who initially tormented by an abnormal heart beat so that makes it difficult to sleep. ''''Although already feel healthy, I still drink red roselle tea to stay fit and maintain weight, "said Lina who previously weighed 70 kg with a height…


Indonesia is rich in natural ingredients such as pepper pepper nah what are the benefits for health. Pepper or pepper is known only to the extent herbs. Yet behind that pepper has efficacy as a drug.
Some diseases that can be healed, among others, asthma, colds, and diarrhea. In addition, the heat generated by the plant the Latin name Piper nigrum is also able to make the body become refreshed. For this reason, many people who use it as a stamina booster drug. By mixing the pepper powder or pepper with half-cooked chicken eggs.
Pepper or pepper are also widely used as smelling the cold. Usually mixed in coffee or steeping ginger. This drink is widely used cold temperate region. As an asthma medication, colds, and diarrhea meraciknya very simple way. You just take one tablespoon of powdered pepper, then pour boiling water with two glasses of hot water. Mix well and let the moment to turn into warm or lukewarm.

Drink this medicine twice a day until the disease asthma, diarrhea and colds…

White Wood

WHITE WOOD already since the time our ancestors used to overcome various health problems. Utilization is certainly known long before the bulk of technology to explore its oil content.
Eucalyptus leaves for example, had always been used to reduce pain and swelling caused by insect bites. Leaves that have been used as extract or dried herb commonly used for stamina enhancer.
Mosquito repellent
Fadl, a number of residents in Cinere, Jakarta, deliberately planting eucalyptus as an insect repellent in the side yard of his house. "Also planted in the yard, I also usually put in the room, in the pot. The room was free of mosquitoes, "he said.
The smell of this plant that makes mosquitoes or insects do not want to be around her.
Eucalyptus leaves can also be rubbing medication directly to the skin so that mosquitoes are not willing to descend. Enough to knead or squeeze-pound leaves, then a to the skin.
If you want to use the whole plant eucalyptus as mosquito repellent, simply p…

Prevent premature ejaculation

Ginger oleoresin Bulbs contain compounds known as gingerol which is as an antioxidant.
Nature is what makes ginger so-called useful as bioactive components of anti-aging. Ginger bioactive components can serve to protect the fatty membranes from oxidation, inhibit oxidation of cholesterol, and boost immunity. Various benefits of ginger are traditionally well known throughout Indonesian society is as follows:
Take that old ginger for the thumbs, wash and crushed and boiled with two glasses of water, add the palm sugar to taste. Boil approximately 1 / 4 hours. Lift and drink warm.
2. migraine (headaches)
Take the sons of my mother ginger fingers, grilled and then crushed. Brewed with a glass of water and give a little palm sugar, drink once. Drink three times a day.
3. motion sickness
Take the sons of my mother finger ginger, washed and thinly sliced, then boiled with a glass of water. Warm drink before boarding the vehicle.
4. bruise
Take ginger more or less two sections. Rinse an…

Alternatif medicine

Alternatif medicine herbs and modern medicine and more importantly the pharmaceutical industry have long desired to refute the claimed benefits of consuming medicinal herbs, however, there are those who believe that the healing power of herbs live on. May it be recognized that contradicting many research studies is the fact that many herbs are used in the manufacture of today's medicine, thereby cementing the notion that medicinal herbs can be useful in protecting and curing some illnesses.
In the early days of modern medicine, testing of a medicinal herb was based on patients use to record its effects. In a simplistic way. If the result was positive as well as repeatable, the herb was prescribed for the particular illness for which id had been used. On the other hand, if the results were singular and its effect could not be repeated, its use was discontinued and put on a list of worthless theories.
In hindsight, many herbalists believe that requirements of the test may have b…