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Herb Gardens Are A Delightful Addition To Any Garden

Herbs have been in use since centuries for various medicinal, culinary and aromatic purposes. Herbs are used even in many of the modern medicines, cosmetics etc. Having your own herb garden can be very useful. Planning it is definitely great fun!
Herbs can be grown in a number of ways. With a proper planning a herb garden can be an essential part of your home. You can choose to have it either indoors or outdoors. In case of limited outdoor space, you can opt for planting herbs on a windowsill or in a window box.

The first step to cultivating a herb garden is selecting the herbs you want to plant. There are different kinds of herbs for different purposes. Hence you need to first decide the main purpose of having a herb garden. Some herbs like thyme grow low and spreading while others like parsley grow in clumps. Some herbs are perennials and some are annuals.
First plan on paper. Decide the exact size you wish your garden to be. This helps in selecting the right type of herbs.…

A Guide to Herb Gardening

Herb gardening is a great hobby for people who love to garden but have limited space, or for people who love fresh herbs. It is possible to have a terrific herb garden virtually anywhere.
Anyone interested in herb gardening should start to research the various types of herbs you can grow, how much room they require, how quickly they grow, the amount of light they need and the amount of water. If you are gardening in a confined area, you will want to plan your herb garden based on herbs that have the same requirements for sunlight and water.
Many herb gardeners grow their wonderful herbs in a container or other confined area which makes it a perfect type of gardening for virtually anywhere. This is a great opportunity to keep your green thumb in practice even if you live in a large city or other area that does not provide you with enough room for a larger garden.
As you research the herbs you want to grow in your herb garden you will learn about their flavors and perhaps even their med…

Growing Herbs For Your Medicine Chest

Herbs are a common staple in American cooking. How else would food get such great taste? Ok, aside from the chemical laden food additives we put on our foods today, herbs are the forefathers of taste. If you have been to any large supermarket lately, you may have noticed how much more space the produce department has dedicated to herbs. That is mainly because of the knowledge explosion about what herbs can do for your overall health.
If you are considering using herbs as a medicinal tool, you will have a choice to make. Should you purchase your herbs at the local market or should you grow them yourself?
Obviously, as a believer in herbal medicine, I believe there is nothing better for you than ingesting your own hand grown herbs. Nowadays, there are too many reasons to doubt that your herbs were "handled with care". In other words, polluted by chemicals and pesticides.
To start your own herb garden you need to determine which location is better for you, inside or out. There …