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Efficacy of Garlic

Garlic can be used to cook various types of cuisine, in Indonesia the use of garlic as a spice in the kitchen is very dominant, but these days many people use as a medicine for heart disease, decrease cholesterol, body odor remover and a lot of women in Indonesia use garlic for enhance sexual arousal, garlic is very easy to get market-traditional markets and the price is relatively cheap
Unlike other infections, yeast infections are associated to yeast overgrowth. This means that it is not the normal infections that can be treated with antibiotics. Since yeast is fungi that are naturally growing in your body, treating this condition naturally will make your body healthier in the long run. And with natural treatment, you may strike the root cause of the problem and stop the recurrence of the infection.
In addition, natural treatments have lots of benefits. Compare to medications, they are milder, cleaner and more pleasant to your body. In fact, they generally have no side effects. Ev…

Spice Garden

Having a spice garden in the yard is very meaningful to families, as well as to meet the seasoning if we cook. also we can use as an ornamental plant,
Spice crops if properly treated by us will give results that overflow in addition to spatial decorate our gardens, began to make garden spices we should prepare the land, and seeds that will grow and eventually we made plans to design the location of the garden, if we do not have a large yard that we can put it predictably pots, plant care is very important
The deviations in taste and smell alone are difficult to miss. While herbs are usually modest in taste, spices are bold. Herbs will have a pleasing fragrance and spices, again, are bolder and often biting.
Herbs and spices both not only have a long story of culinary use, but have long been exploited for medicinal roles as well. For thousands of years herbs have been said to have properties that help keep people in good health. Many people lay claim that the usage of certain herbs c…