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Advice Weight Loss Herbs

Gastric bypass surgery helps over 100000 individuals per year in their fight against morbid obesity after traditional diet and exercise regimes have failed to work. If you are considering this surgery this article can help you weigh the risks of undergoing gastric bypass surgery against the risks of doing nothing and the associated obesity related health risks.
It is common sense and obvious to me that people have been dieting since the invention of the mirror. Vanity is nothing new; it simply has become magnified over time. Fast weight loss diet programs to burn fat and lose weight are a dime a dozen nowadays. But how did it all begin?
Many people have a problem of not losing weight when they want to. This is a problem with many people and they don't even know why they cannot do it. Losing weight is often on the top of resolutions made during the New Year. These often however just remain on paper. Losing weight often seems like a distant dream if not impossible at all. There are …

Medicinal Herbs for Skin

Of all the products for skin care out there have you ever wondered if there are effective medicinal herbs for skin conditions? Let's look at the ingredients in some of the herbal skin care products on the market and see what they are really good for.
Balm of Gilead
This is included in products designed to treat eczema and repair damage. It was not one of the traditional medicinal herbs for skin. Although it has a long history as fragrant cologne, there are no known benefits for the skin's health.
This is included in herbal skin care products designed to moisturize, although the oil is not known for its moisturizing abilities. Once again, it is prized for its sweet scent. Unfortunately, the scent is known to cause headaches, trigger asthma attacks and cause other adverse reactions. No benefits for this one either.
Citric Acid
This is not one of the traditional skin care medicinal herbs. Yet, it is found in numerous creams, some of which claim to be "extra g…

Medicinal Plants 40

(Centella asiatica, (Linn), Urb.)
Sinonim :
= Hydrocotyle asiatica, Linn. = Pasequinus, Rumph.
Familia :

Wild herb, found throughout Indonesia, originating from tropical Asia. Prefers a slightly moist soil and
getting enough sun or shade, as in grasslands, edge drains, rice fields, and so forth. Sometimes planted as ground cover plants in plantations or as a vegetable (as lalab), there are up to a height of 2,500 m above sea level. Centella asiatica is a chronic herb without stems, but with short rhizome and stolon-creeping stolon length 10 cm - 80 cm, roots out of every hump, much branched to form a new plant. Single leaf blade, long-stemmed around 5 cm - 15 cm-shaped kidney. Jagged edges or beringgit, with cross section 1 cm - 7 cm arranged in a rosette consisting of 20-10 pieces of leaf, sometimes a bit hairy. Flowers white or pink, arranged in essay form umbrella, single or 3-5 together out of the armpit leaves. Flower stalk 5 mm - 50 mm. Small …

Medicinal Plants 39

(Stachytarpheta jamaicensis [L.] Vahl.)
Sinonim :
S. marginata Vahl., S. pilosiuscula H.B.K., S. villosa Turcz., S. urticifolia Dalz. et Gibs., Verbena indica L., V. jamaicensis L.
Familia :

Horse whip grows wild in the street, terrain, and other abandoned places. Plants originating from tropical America can be found in sunny areas, is being, protected from sunlight, and at an altitude of 1-1500 m above sea level. Annual herb, erect, 20-90 cm tall. Single leaves, stemmed, where the deal. Strands of egg-shaped leaves, base narrow, pointed tip, serrated edge, clear surface grooved, 4-8 cm long, 3-6 cm wide, dark green. Compound interest are arranged in an elongated grain axis, like a whip, the length of 40-20 cm. Flowers bloom at different times, small size, the color purple, rarely white. Line-shaped fruit, seed 2. Needle-shaped seed, is black. For this type of Stachytarpheta indica Vahl., height reaches 2 meters, maintained as a hedge plant and drug …

Medicinal Plants 38

(Kalanchoe pinnata (Lam.) Per.)
Sinonim :
Bryophyllum pinnatum, (L.f.) Oken. = B. germinans, Blanco. = B.pinnatum.
Kurz. = Cotyledon paniculata, Blanco. = C. pinnata, Lamk. = C. rhizophylla,Roxb.
Familia :

These plants originating from Madagascar, tersehar in the tropics. ± 1 m tall, kept in the yard or grow wild on the edge of a cliff, and roadside
places where the land is rocky, hot and dry regions. Grows up to ± 1,000 m above the surface of trunked laut.Terna wet, thick leaf edge beringgit, contains a lot of water, leaves are oval or round shape length, the length of 50-20 cm, width 2.5 to 15 cm, leaf tip blunt, base rounded , surface bare of leaves, the color green to grayish green. Can be bred through the leaves (leaf buds in the notch-shaped notch at the edge of the leaves). Terms Grows a. Climate 1) Elevation 1 m - 2400 m above sea level 2) Annual rainfall 2.500 mm - 2.500 mm / year 3) Months wet (above 100 mm / month): 8 months - …

Medicinal Plants 37

(Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr.)

Familia :

Herba, fleshy. Stem climbing, fall, or crawl, sided, bald, fleshy, purplish green,
chronic. Leaf-shaped pieces of leaf, shape oval, elongated oval, round elongate, length 3.5 to 12.5 cm, width 1 to 5.5 cm, tip blunt, spiky, short tapering, base rounded or rompang. Flat leaf edge, wavy or slightly toothed. Petiole 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm. Both sides of the leaf surface bare or smooth haired. Inflorescence with compound interest arrangement cup, 2-7 cups arranged in the order panicle (panicula) until panicle average (corymb), each plate supporting the 20-35 rates, length 1.5 - 2 cm, width 5-6 mm. Bouquet of flower stalk and bald or short haired, stalk bouquet of 0.5 to 0.7 cm. Brachtea involucralis in the line-shaped or blunt pointed, length 0.3 to 1 cm. Width 0.6 to 1.7 cm, bare, green or brown colored tip reddish. The crown is the type of tube, length 1 to 1.5 cm, orange or orange brass. Needle-shaped stamens, yellow anth…

Medicinal Plants 36

(Excoecaria cochinchinensis Lour.)
Sinonim :
Excoecaria bicolor Hass
Familia :

Generally, blood sambang planting in the garden as a living fence or medicinal plants, in gardens as an ornamental plant, or growing wild in the forest and in open fields in the space or less protected. Plants derived from Indochina was not like waterlogged soil. This upright growing shrub has a height of 0.5 - 1, 5 m, branching many, white sap and berracun. Single leaves, stemmed, leaf blade elliptic to lanceolate elongated shape, the tip and base of the spiky, jagged edge, pinnate leaves and protruding bone on the bottom surface, length 4-15 cm, wide 1.5-4, 5 cm, leaf color on the upper surface dark green, dark red and bottom surfaces. Young leaf color is shiny. Flowers out of the end branching, kecilkecil shape, the color yellow, arranged in a series of bunches, more male flowers than female flowers. Three pieces of fruit, round, with a diameter of about 1 cm. Easily p…

Medicinal Plants 35

(Stachytarpheta mutabilis, Vahl.)
Sinonim :
Strobilantes crispus, Bl. Sericocalyx crispus, (Linn.), Bremek.
Familia :

Keji beling (Stachytarpheta mutabilis) is a type of wet trunked plants that resemble grass and cursory trunked upright. In Java
This plant is widely available in rural areas that grow as shrubs. Trunk diameter of between 0.2 to 0.7 cm. Outer purple skin with green spots and if the parents turned into chocolate. Ngokilo leaves egg-shaped, serrated on the edges with a distance somewhat rare, almost invisible downy. Long strands of leaves (no stems) ranged between 5-8 cm (normal size) and leaf width of approximately 2-5 cm. This plant is easy to breed in the soil fertile, somewhat sheltered and in the open. 1. Terms Grows a. Climate · Elevation: 1 m - 1,000 m above sea level · Annual rainfall: 2,500 mm - 4000 mm / years · Month wet (above 100 mm / month): 8 months - 9 months · Month dry (below 60 mm / month): 3 months - 4 months · air tem…

Medicinal Plants 34

(Brugmansia suaveolens [H. et B.] B. et P)
Sinonim :
Pseudodatura suaveolens van Zijp., Datura suaveolens H. B.
Familia :

Cone-shaped mountain comes from Mexico and including poisonous plants. In Indonesia, generally grows wild in moist areas in closing the gap or used as live fences and ornamental shrubs. This plant can be found at an altitude of 700-2100 m above sea level. Robust shrub or small tree, erect, woody, branching, 2-4 m. high The tip of twigs with short hair very tightly. Strands of large leaves, stemmed, oval or elongate ovate, base obtuse or pointed, usually not at hand, pointed tip, grooved edge, pinnate, rarely hairy leaf surface, lower surface finely hairy, 9-35 cm long, 4 wide -17 cm. Single Flowers axillary, hanging, stemmed. Green petals, the shape of the tube. Trumpet-shaped crown, angled tube and Taju five short tapered, white or orange, smells good at night. Buni fruit lengthwise, no barbed paste, smooth-haired, 9-11 cm long…

Medicinal Plants 33

Cakar Ayam
(Selaginella doederleinii Hieron.)
Familia :

Including the division Pteridophyta, ferns are plants growing on the cliff, ravine, and places a cool, shady. Stem erect, height 15-35 cm, root at branching out. The leaves are small, length 4-5 mm, width 2 mm, oblong shape, tapered tip, flat base, the upper leaf color dark green, light green bottom. Leaves arranged on either side of the main stem , which resembles a chicken claw with scales.
Curable Disease:
Lung cancer, bronchitis, lung inflammation, Tonsilis, Cough, Scabby, hepatitis, abdominal edema, urinary tract infections, broken bones, rheumatic;

PART USED: Whole plant, dry usage.
1. Chorioepithelioma, choriocarcinoma, nasopharynx cancer, cancer
2. respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia), tonsillitis.
3. Cough, hoarse, ulceration.
4. Hepatitis, cholecystitis, cirrhosis (Shrinking liver), abdominal edema
(ascites), acute urinary tra…