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Medicinal Plants 38

(Kalanchoe pinnata (Lam.) Per.)
Sinonim :
Bryophyllum pinnatum, (L.f.) Oken. = B. germinans, Blanco. = B.pinnatum.
Kurz. = Cotyledon paniculata, Blanco. = C. pinnata, Lamk. = C. rhizophylla,Roxb.
Familia :

These plants originating from Madagascar, tersehar in the tropics. ± 1 m tall, kept in the yard or grow wild on the edge of a cliff, and roadside
places where the land is rocky, hot and dry regions. Grows up to ± 1,000 m above the surface of trunked laut.Terna wet, thick leaf edge beringgit, contains a lot of water, leaves are oval or round shape length, the length of 50-20 cm, width 2.5 to 15 cm, leaf tip blunt, base rounded , surface bare of leaves, the color green to grayish green. Can be bred through the leaves (leaf buds in the notch-shaped notch at the edge of the leaves). Terms Grows a. Climate 1) Elevation 1 m - 2400 m above sea level 2) Annual rainfall 2.500 mm - 2.500 mm / year 3) Months wet (above 100 mm / month): 8 months - 9 months. 4) In dry (below 60 mm / month) 3 months - 4 months 5) Air Temperature: 20 'C - 25 ' C. 6) Humidity: medium. b. Soil 1) Texture: sand to clay 2) Drainage: Medium - good 3) The depth of ground water: 10 cm - 25 cm from ground level 4) rooting depth: 2 cm - 25 cm from ground level 5) Acidity (pH): 5 - 7. 6) fertility is moderate....
Curable Disease:
Fever, headache, cough, urine Smooth

How to use
- Ulcer, ulceration, swelling of the breast (mastitis), bruises, broken bones.
- Rheumatic, hemorrhoids, substandard urination, menstruation does not come
- Diarrhea. swollen-hengkak, peluruh sputum, fever.
- Tonsillitis (Tonsillitis), inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media
- Coughing blood, vomiting blood, bloody wound.
- Burned and scalded.

USAGE: 30 - 60 grams of fresh herbs boiled.

Crushed leaves, used in place of the sick as a poultice on:
1. Dysentery, diarrhea. reduce fever:
Poultice on the stomach, replaced 2 times a day

2. Ulcers. ulceration, mastitis, bruises:
30-60 grams of crushed leaves of a duck bill, take the water (squeeze)
plus honey, drinking, the remaining lemon leaves, attached to the place
abnormalities as a poultice.

3. Tonsillitis:
50-10 leaves fresh crushed duck bill, take the water for
gargle-gargle (gargle).

4. Inflammation of the outer ear (otitis externa).
Duck bill juice of the leaves is used for ear drops.

1. Pain stomach (gastritis):
5 pieces of leaf juice of duck bill plus a little salt,

2. Vomiting blood:
7 pieces of duck bill leaves are crushed, mixed red wine + sugar
(Palm sugar), steamed and drink warm.

3. Sore joints (rheumatic):
The whole plant bill weighs 30 grams boiled duck, drinking water,
4 sheets leaf duck bill,
1 teaspoon fennel
1 finger pulosari,
2 finger palm sugar, and
3 cups water.
All material is boiled until it becomes 3/4-nya, after cold
filtered, taken 3 x daily @ 3 / 4 cup.

4. Hemorrhoids:
Duck bill leaves washed, aerated to dry,
made into powder.
Usage: 1 tablespoon of powder poured boiling hot water 3 / 4 cup,
plus 1 tablespoon honey, warm drink, 3 times a day.

Prohibited from consuming herbs duck bill if there is failure of digestive function (decreased pancreatic gland, cold)