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Male Menopause

Male Menopause was first described in the United States over seventy years ago in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, 1938, 112:1441). Dr. August Werner gave an accurate account of the experience. Six years later, another JAMA article provided evidence that this "male menopause" was a true hormone deficiency due to low testosterone. Blind controlled studies showed how the symptoms responded to testosterone but not to placebo injections. In l944, two American doctors, Dr. Carl Heller and Dr. Gordon Myers, did a blind controlled trial study showing the effectiveness of testosterone treatment. Yet fear of side effects from testosterone, especially prostate cancer caused this form of therapy to lose popularity.
Male menopause is a physiological phenomenon which occurs between the ages of 45 - 60. Unlike women, men can continue to father children, but the production of testosterone diminishes gradually after age 40. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for sex…

Labido Increase

Age humans getting higher,, increasing age causes the reduction in organ function, for it is necessary to maintain our physical organs, so we maintained health continues, especially in men the most visible at the age of 40 is reduced sexual desire
low male libido is often used interchangeably to mean impotence, but the two have important differences.
Simply put... Impotence is mostly characterized by an inability to achieve an erection, maintain one, or recurring failure to reach ejaculation. A low male libido, on the other hand, simply means a lack of desire for wanting sex. In short, men who have a low libido do not necessarily suffer from impotence.
Fortunately, there are ways to increase male libido. But first …
What causes Low Male Libido?
Low male libido can have many causes, both physical and emotional. Some of the more common ones include: aging (testosterone levels decrease at the rate of 2% per year after age 30), physical stress, and excessive use of some drugs, such as al…

VCO [ Virgin Coconut Oil]

Many countries at tropical area have many coconut trees. Coconut widely used for various purposes since many years. Housewives make coconut milk for cooking materials.In Indonesia we have encountered a lot of coconut tree, usually grows in coastal areas, palm trees grown with fruit, fruit that is old is usually in use for the preparation of seedlings
Currently, the use of coconut is more developed. One of them is by making him a pure coconut oil (virgin coconut oil / VCO). Until now, pure coconut oil discussed by many people because its function to the health. The experts also began to be interested in examining the content of VCO and its relationship to human health.
According to various references, VCO is made from coconut meat is still fresh. Making process conducted in a low temperature. How to make it, squeezed coconut meat milk, then heated with a low temperature. Next is the process of fermentation, cooling, addition of enzymes, and mechanical pressure or centrifuge.
The pr…


Aloevera very easy to grow plants, reproduce by budding, if we want to plant in aloevera should choose a child from aloevera later in planting crops, can we plant in the yard or placed in pots, good maintenance is the key to healthy plants tsb
Aloevera plants such as Aloe vera barbadensis are known for their medicinal use, various kinds of ailments and ointments are available for burns, rashes and cuts. They are use in various beauty preparations to give your skin a beautiful look. Aloe Vera plants are now found in various countries and have been commonly accepted as folk medicines. This plant can also be grown as an indoor plant but may need re-potting as it grows very large. Aloe Vera Plant is also known as medicinal aloe, medicine plant or burn plant. The name comes from the Arabic "Alloevera", meaning bitter because of the bitter yellow liquid that is found between the gel and the leaf skin.
Aloe Vera plant looks like cactus, but is actually a member of the lily family. …