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Medicinal Plants 5

(Epiphyllum anguliger)
Sinonim :-
Familia :Cactaceae
Wijayakusuma (Epiphyllum anguliger) including the type of cactus, a division anthophita, nation and class opuntiales dicotiledoneae. Cactus species there are about 1,500 species (family). Cactus plants can live abundantly in areas of moderate to tropical. Likewise Wijayakusuma plants. Flowers Wijayakusuma just broke a few moments and not all flowering plants can Wijayakusuma easily, depending on climate, soil fertility and how maintenance. In general, types of cactus plants is difficult to determine the morphology, but Wijayakusuma can be seen clearly where the leaf and where the stalks, after the plant is old age. Wijayakusuma tree trunk is actually formed from strands of leaves hardened and narrowed. Strand flat leaf, green leaf surface smooth with no barbed, another case with a cactus-cactus in general. On each edge there Wijayakusuma leaves indentations overgrown leaves or flower buds. Wijayakusuma can grow well in a not to…

Medicinal Plants 4

(Gloriosa superba L.)
Sinonim :ethonica superba, lamk.
Familia :Liliaceae
This plant can be found growing wild in the bush, teak forests, sometimes grown as an ornamental plant in rambatkan on the fence or pergola from the coast to 300 m above sea level. Originally from tropical regions in Asia and Africa, like the open exposed to full sun. Diligent flowering especially early in the rainy season, and is known to have roots that are toxic, long-lived annual herb, climbing, reaching 2.5 m tall, branching wide. The trunk is soft, climbing by tendrils contained leaf tip. Single leaf shape lanceolate, pointed tip, base of the stem hugging, edge of the flat, 8-25 cm long, 1-4 cm wide, it's green, round flower buds elongated, long-stemmed, sharp-pointed end facing down. When blooming, the flowers will turn over and over, crown shaped flower of six clubs, the top color is red, yellow-green base. Flower color over time will become red as a whole and not quickly wither. Fruit 4-5 cm in le…

Medicinal Plants3

(Plantago mayor L.)
Sinonim : P.asiatica, Linn. = P.crenata, Blanco. = P.depressa, Willd. = P.erosa, Wall. = P.exaltata, Horn. = P.hasskarlii Decne. = P.incisa, Hassk. = P.loureiri, Roem. et Schult. =, Blanco.
Familia :Planfaginaccae
This plant originated from mainland Asia and Europe, can be found from lowland until height of 3300 m above sea level. Medicinal plants is widespread in the world and has been known since ancient times and is one of the 9 Turnbuhan drugs that are considered sacred in the Anglo Saxon. Chronic herb, grow upright, height 15-20 cm. Leaves single, long stemmed, arranged in a rosette roots. Round leaf shape eggs until lancet wide, flat or jagged edges rough irregular, smooth or slightly hairy, pertulangan curved, length 50-10 cm, width 4-9 cm, it's green. Compound inflorescence composed of grains whose length is about 30 cm, small, white color. Fruit oblong or oval, containing 2-4 seeds are black and wrinkled. The young leaves can be cooked as a…

Medicinal Plants2

(Plumbago Zeylanica L]
Sinonim :P. auriculata, Bl. = Tela alba, Lour.
Familia :Plumbaginacea
This plant originated from Sri Lanka, then spread throughout the tropics, including Indonesia and Pacific Islanders. Gout Leaves grow wild in fields, on the banks of waterways in the yard or planted as living fences and other places to as high as + 800 m dpi. Perdu ascending annual, long-trunked, high 0.6 to 2 m. Stem woody, round, smooth, grooved, bereabang. Single leaf, where the turns, a long-stemmed from 1.5 to 2.5 cm, base of leaf stalk rather broad, embracing the stem. Leaves ovate to elliptic, length 5-11 cm, wide 2-5 cm, pointed tip, base obtuse, the edge beringgit, pertulangan pinnate, wamanya green. Compound interest in the bunch that came out at the end of the shaft, small, blond, white. Fruit small, oval, green young man, after a black parent. Seeds small, brown. Propagation by seed or cuttings.
Curable Disease:
Arthritic joints, bruises (bruises), sprains, stomach pain, ringworm…

Medicinal Plants1

(Foeniculum Vulgare Mill],
Sinonim :E officinale, All. = Anethum foeniculum, Linn
familia : Apiaccae (Umbelliferae)
Fennel is a plant that can be used as a drug. In Indonesia, have been cultivated and sometimes as plants flavor or medicinal plants. plants can live from the plants to a height of 1,800 m above sea level, but will grow better in the highlands. Originally from Southern Europe and Asia, and for its benefits then widely planted in Indonesia, India, Argentina, Europe, and Japan. Longevity herb, height 50 cm - 2 m, grow . One family usually consists of 3-5 stems. Bluish green stems, grooved, segmented, hollow, fragrant smell when bruised. Location of the leaf turns, two double compound pinnate with narrow fins, the shape of the needle, the tip of the base and tapering, flat edge, white, webbed sheath with the top hat shaped. Structured as an umbrella flower inflorescence compound with 6-40 peduncle, peduncle length mother 5-1 0 em, long peduncle 2-5 mm, yellow crown, out o…