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Medicinal Plants1

(Foeniculum Vulgare Mill],
Sinonim :E officinale, All. = Anethum foeniculum, Linn
familia : Apiaccae (Umbelliferae)
Fennel is a plant that can be used as a drug. In Indonesia, have been cultivated and sometimes as plants flavor or medicinal plants. plants can live from the plants to a height of 1,800 m above sea level, but will grow better in the highlands. Originally from Southern Europe and Asia, and for its benefits then widely planted in Indonesia, India, Argentina, Europe, and Japan. Longevity herb, height 50 cm - 2 m, grow . One family usually consists of 3-5 stems. Bluish green stems, grooved, segmented, hollow, fragrant smell when bruised. Location of the leaf turns, two double compound pinnate with narrow fins, the shape of the needle, the tip of the base and tapering, flat edge, white, webbed sheath with the top hat shaped. Structured as an umbrella flower inflorescence compound with 6-40 peduncle, peduncle length mother 5-1 0 em, long peduncle 2-5 mm, yellow crown, out of the end of the rod. Fruit oval, ribbed, length 60-10 mm, width 3-4 mm, young green after dark brown slightly green or brown slightly yellow-brown completely. However, fruit color varies depending on country of origin. Ripe fruit has a distinctive aromatic odor, taste it feels when relative such as camphor. Fennel and fennel oil yield, which is the result of refined fruit and fennel pollen is ripe and dry. There are two kinds of fennel oil, sweet and bitter. Both are used in the pharmaceutical industry. Fennel is also used for flavor, or used as materials that improve the taste (corrigentia saporis) and the scent of medicinal herbs. Usually, fennel is used in conjunction with pulosari bark. Leaves can be eaten as a vegetable. Propagation by seed or by separating the children plant.
Curable Disease:
Abdominal pain (heartburn), abdominal bloating, nausea, vomiting, a little milk,; diarrhea, jaundice (jaundice), loss of appetite, coughing, shortness of breath (asthma), menstrual pain, menstruation is not tertur, rheumatism goat,; Hard sleep (insomnia), testicles down (orchidoptosis), colic,; intestine down to the groin (inguinal hernia), gall stones,; Swelling sperm channels (epididymis),; Accumulation of fluid in the scrotum (testicular hiodrokel); Poisoning medicinal plants or fungi, improve eyesight;