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Traditional herb femininity Regional Special

Sex organs in case you really need to always please the husband / spouse. Here are some traditional herbs to treat your female organs:
Vagina narrowing Potio
Ingredients: 15 pieces of betel leaf, 3 pieces of leather matchmaker, 3 pieces of gambier and whiting taste.
How: Skin torn small nut, gambier finely ground, sifted whiting net. All materials were soaked with 2 liters of water that has been boiled, wait a while until settle and cool slightly. Use to wash the vagina over and over again several times a day.
Vaginal scent Potion
Ingredients: 25 grams of basil leaves, 5 grams fragrant pandanus, palm sugar 5 grams, 1 gram of salt.
How: Basil and pandanus fragrant finely ground together, given 1/2gelas water, squeezed and strained, given the salt, put palm sugar. Stir until blended until the sugar becomes soluble. Taken a few hours after dinner, for 2 weeks.
Remedy For Vaginal mat
Ingredients: 30 grams of papaya leaf, 20 grams of betel leaves, 1 green chilli, kawak sour taste.
How: The…

Tighten Rahim After Childbirth

Provide 3 tablespoons rice, 3 fingers kencur, 1 thumb of ginger, 1 finger turmeric, 1 orange juice, 1 tablespoon acid, 125 grams palm sugar, a fragrant pandan leaves, salt to taste. Rice soaked in water for 3-4 hours. Kencur, ginger, turmeric, tamarind, and pandan boiled in 3 cups of water, after boiling rice is taken and then crushed together until smooth. Little by little boiling water poured on the ingredients that have been pounded, and then squeezed and filtered. Enter the sugar, salt and lime juice to the mixture and mix well. Drink 3 times daily.

Type of Plants

Besides useful as a deodorizer in making cakes, pandan leaves can also eliminate dandruff. Take 10 lembardaun pandanus and then mashed into powder, and give 2 glasses of water. Once filtered, the filtered water rubbed into the hair that had previously been washed. Then rinse with clean water.
- Can be used as a cure tinea versicolor, grab a handful of pandan leaves, mash until smooth, then take the water and mixed with a little salt. Drink this mixture once daily for 3 consecutive days.
- Can also be used to treat high blood pressure. Take 2 cups of water, mixed with pandan leaves to taste and boil until the water to 1 cup. Drink half a glass of morning and afternoon half-glass. In this way the blood pressure will slowly decline to the point of normal. But remember, must still comply with the abstinence-abstinence given to a doctor.

Type of Plants

Herbaceous plants are from tropical Africa that enjoy the open and exposed to direct sunlight. Fractures have a cylindrical-shaped twig pencil round, grooved longitudinal smooth and the color green. The leaves are rare and quickly fall out there on the end of the branch that is still young, small, lancet-shaped with a length of 7-25 mm.
The flowers are arranged in the form of compound interest, such as bowl there at the end of the stem, with a greenish yellow color. The fruit when ripe will burst and throw the seeds. Stalks after growing about 1 inch will be located across two branches, and so on so that it looked like a broken branch. This plant can be found from lowland until height of 600 m above sea level.
Besides being used as medicinal plants, branches and twigs that had been drained when burned to repel mosquitoes. Sap used to poison fish so easily captured, but dangerous when on the eyes because it can cause blindness.
Sap from plants contain a compound fracture euphorbone, t…