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Traditional herb femininity Regional Special

Sex organs in case you really need to always please the husband / spouse. Here are some traditional herbs to treat your female organs:
Vagina narrowing Potio
Ingredients: 15 pieces of betel leaf, 3 pieces of leather matchmaker, 3 pieces of gambier and whiting taste.
How: Skin torn small nut, gambier finely ground, sifted whiting net. All materials were soaked with 2 liters of water that has been boiled, wait a while until settle and cool slightly. Use to wash the vagina over and over again several times a day.
Vaginal scent Potion
Ingredients: 25 grams of basil leaves, 5 grams fragrant pandanus, palm sugar 5 grams, 1 gram of salt.
How: Basil and pandanus fragrant finely ground together, given 1/2gelas water, squeezed and strained, given the salt, put palm sugar. Stir until blended until the sugar becomes soluble. Taken a few hours after dinner, for 2 weeks.
Remedy For Vaginal mat
Ingredients: 30 grams of papaya leaf, 20 grams of betel leaves, 1 green chilli, kawak sour taste.
How: The leaves of papaya, betel and green Cabal finely ground together, given a 1 / 2 cups hot water, filtered and then enter the acid and stir until blended. Taken in the morning and at bedtime for a few days