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Type of Plants

Besides useful as a deodorizer in making cakes, pandan leaves can also eliminate dandruff. Take 10 lembardaun pandanus and then mashed into powder, and give 2 glasses of water. Once filtered, the filtered water rubbed into the hair that had previously been washed. Then rinse with clean water.
- Can be used as a cure tinea versicolor, grab a handful of pandan leaves, mash until smooth, then take the water and mixed with a little salt. Drink this mixture once daily for 3 consecutive days.
- Can also be used to treat high blood pressure. Take 2 cups of water, mixed with pandan leaves to taste and boil until the water to 1 cup. Drink half a glass of morning and afternoon half-glass. In this way the blood pressure will slowly decline to the point of normal. But remember, must still comply with the abstinence-abstinence given to a doctor.