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Medicinal Plants2

(Plumbago Zeylanica L]
Sinonim :P. auriculata, Bl. = Tela alba, Lour.
Familia :Plumbaginacea
This plant originated from Sri Lanka, then spread throughout the tropics, including Indonesia and Pacific Islanders. Gout Leaves grow wild in fields, on the banks of waterways in the yard or planted as living fences and other places to as high as + 800 m dpi. Perdu ascending annual, long-trunked, high 0.6 to 2 m. Stem woody, round, smooth, grooved, bereabang. Single leaf, where the turns, a long-stemmed from 1.5 to 2.5 cm, base of leaf stalk rather broad, embracing the stem. Leaves ovate to elliptic, length 5-11 cm, wide 2-5 cm, pointed tip, base obtuse, the edge beringgit, pertulangan pinnate, wamanya green. Compound interest in the bunch that came out at the end of the shaft, small, blond, white. Fruit small, oval, green young man, after a black parent. Seeds small, brown. Propagation by seed or cuttings.
Curable Disease:
Arthritic joints, bruises (bruises), sprains, stomach pain, ringworm,; cancer and blood cancer.;
Roots efficacious to overcome:
- Arthritic joints, bruises (bruises),
- Sprains, stomach pain,
- Ringworm, and blood cancer.
Roots 10 - 15 g, boiled for more than 4 hours.
External use, leaves crushed then placed on the body part that got rheumatism, lumbago, bruises, ringworm, leprosy, scabies, sore to the style or placed in the lower abdomen when urinating less smoothly. When using the squeeze of this leaves no more than 1 / 2 hours so as not to arise as a burn blisters.
How to use
1. Rheumatism
a. Prepare a handful of fresh leaves, washed and finely ground.
Add warm water as needed until dough like mush.
Use it to grease and rub the sore body parts.
Perform 2 times daily.
b. Prepare as much as 15 g of fresh leaves and then washed clean. Add
whiting as much as 1 tablespoon. The mix was then crushed
until pulverized, then massaged into place yang.sakit.
2. Headache
a. Prepare gout leaves to taste, then crushed. Add a little
coconut oil until it becomes dough like mush. Put in
temples and the head of the sick as a poultice. Simply 30
minutes so that blisters do not occur.
b. Prepare a fresh gout of leaves, then wash out and crushed.
Apply coconut oil on the fire then layukan. Stick it on
behind the ears.
3. Urinary substandard
Take a leaf gout taste, then add the minced fennel pulosari
smooth. Rub these ingredients in the lower abdomen, right
bladder position. Just 30 minutes to prevent blisters.
4. Blood Cancer
Prepare rheumatism leaf root, seed Livistona chinensis, Hedyotis diffusa
(Grass snake tongue) and Verbena officinalis (verbenae berbalma bian cao), 30 g respectively, and Spica prunellae (xia caol of my
plant Prunella vulgaris L.) 15 g. Roots boiled leaves of gout
first for 4 hours with clean water sufficiently.
Add water if the water rebusannya.berkurang. After 4 hours, new
others ingredients included. Bring to a boil again for 1 / 2
hours. After chilling filtered, divided for 3 times the drink. Day 3
times, each 1 / 3 part.
5. Leprosy, scabies, and skin disorders
Take a leaf root of gout, then wash and mash until smooth.
Add a little milk and water, stirring until evenly
a dough like paste. Apply to the body of the sick.
- Pregnant women are prohibited from use.
- If the poisoning occur in the skin, wash with boric acid (boric acid).
- The leaves are used only for external use. External use as well
restricted selarna 1 / 2 hour. Too long causes blisters
such as burns