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Medicinal Plants 5

(Epiphyllum anguliger)
Sinonim :-
Familia :Cactaceae
Wijayakusuma (Epiphyllum anguliger) including the type of cactus, a division anthophita, nation and class opuntiales dicotiledoneae. Cactus species there are about 1,500 species (family). Cactus plants can live abundantly in areas of moderate to tropical. Likewise Wijayakusuma plants. Flowers Wijayakusuma just broke a few moments and not all flowering plants can Wijayakusuma easily, depending on climate, soil fertility and how maintenance. In general, types of cactus plants is difficult to determine the morphology, but Wijayakusuma can be seen clearly where the leaf and where the stalks, after the plant is old age. Wijayakusuma tree trunk is actually formed from strands of leaves hardened and narrowed. Strand flat leaf, green leaf surface smooth with no barbed, another case with a cactus-cactus in general. On each edge there Wijayakusuma leaves indentations overgrown leaves or flower buds. Wijayakusuma can grow well in a not too hot.
Curable Disease:
1. Wound
Ingredients: 1 leaf blade Wijayakusuma
Method: finely ground
How to use: applied to the wound, then wrapped verban.