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Medicinal Plants 34

(Brugmansia suaveolens [H. et B.] B. et P)
Sinonim :
Pseudodatura suaveolens van Zijp., Datura suaveolens H. B.
Familia :

Cone-shaped mountain comes from Mexico and including poisonous plants. In Indonesia, generally grows wild in moist areas in closing the gap or used as live fences and ornamental shrubs. This plant can be found at an altitude of 700-2100 m above sea level. Robust shrub or small tree, erect, woody, branching, 2-4 m. high The tip of twigs with short hair very tightly. Strands of large leaves, stemmed, oval or elongate ovate, base obtuse or pointed, usually not at hand, pointed tip, grooved edge, pinnate, rarely hairy leaf surface, lower surface finely hairy, 9-35 cm long, 4 wide -17 cm. Single Flowers axillary, hanging, stemmed. Green petals, the shape of the tube. Trumpet-shaped crown, angled tube and Taju five short tapered, white or orange, smells good at night. Buni fruit lengthwise, no barbed paste, smooth-haired, 9-11 cm long, is not open. Seeds resemble cork thick-skinned, gray. Cone-shaped volcano can be propagated by cuttings and seeds....
Curable Disease:
Nature and ussage Flowers poisonous cone-shaped mountain, efficacious antiasmatik, and pain relievers (analgesics).
Parts used are the flowers.
Flowers are used to overcome:
- shortness of breath,
- painful menstruation, and
- abdominal pain.
Drain 10 g of fresh flowers, then roll like a cigarette for smoked or boiled for drinking.
Shortness of breath
Roll dried flowers, and burn the ends. Next, inhale deeply, such as smoking cigarettes.
Keep out of reach of children.