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Efficacy of Garlic

Garlic can be used to cook various types of cuisine, in Indonesia the use of garlic as a spice in the kitchen is very dominant, but these days many people use as a medicine for heart disease, decrease cholesterol, body odor remover and a lot of women in Indonesia use garlic for enhance sexual arousal, garlic is very easy to get market-traditional markets and the price is relatively cheap
Unlike other infections, yeast infections are associated to yeast overgrowth. This means that it is not the normal infections that can be treated with antibiotics. Since yeast is fungi that are naturally growing in your body, treating this condition naturally will make your body healthier in the long run. And with natural treatment, you may strike the root cause of the problem and stop the recurrence of the infection.
In addition, natural treatments have lots of benefits. Compare to medications, they are milder, cleaner and more pleasant to your body. In fact, they generally have no side effects. Even though they are more effective than medications, they are still inexpensive and good for your budgets. But the biggest advantage of natural treatments is it helps you control your own health without being dependent to costly medications.
Among the natural treatments for yeast, garlic and yogurt are the two best choices. Apparently, yogurt is your first step for yeast infection treatment. More women have recognized the efficacy of yogurt as yeast infection cure. In fact, even medical professionals recommend the use of yogurt as treatment for yeast infection. Yogurt is effective because it is a good source of good bacteria and thus helps increase the population of good bacteria in your vagina.
Yogurt as yeast infection treatment can be used in two ways: as dietary supplement and as cream. As dietary supplement, yogurt should be integrated in your diet however the yogurt should have no sugar content. The recommended dosage is at least a cup every breakfast for a week or so. On the other hand, yogurt can be applied directly on the infected area. You can use tampon with yogurt as treatment.
Aside from yogurt, garlic is also a great natural treatment for yeast infection. It has anti-fungal properties so it can fight off common fungi including Candida Albicans. Garlic can also be use as dietary supplement and can also be applied directly on the infected area. However, the garlic should be fresh.
As dietary supplement, consume a clove of garlic at least once per day. If there is no available fresh garlic, the best alternative is garlic capsule. If you do not like the idea of chewing a clove of garlic, you can mince the garlic and incorporate it in a glass of water or juice. Garlic has a flavor that is not good, but when it's used is very positive and we can live healthier ,,,