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Prevent premature ejaculation

Ginger oleoresin Bulbs contain compounds known as gingerol which is as an antioxidant.
Nature is what makes ginger so-called useful as bioactive components of anti-aging. Ginger bioactive components can serve to protect the fatty membranes from oxidation, inhibit oxidation of cholesterol, and boost immunity. Various benefits of ginger are traditionally well known throughout Indonesian society is as follows:
Take that old ginger for the thumbs, wash and crushed and boiled with two glasses of water, add the palm sugar to taste. Boil approximately 1 / 4 hours. Lift and drink warm.
2. migraine (headaches)
Take the sons of my mother ginger fingers, grilled and then crushed. Brewed with a glass of water and give a little palm sugar, drink once. Drink three times a day.
3. motion sickness
Take the sons of my mother finger ginger, washed and thinly sliced, then boiled with a glass of water. Warm drink before boarding the vehicle.
4. bruise
Take ginger more or less two sections. Rinse and then grated, add a little salt. This concoction smeared on the sprained limb. Do twice a day.
5. Vitiligo
Take 30 grams of ginger, wash and then juiced. Juice smeared on the skin is suffering from vitiligo.
6. stomach
Take 60 grams of fresh ginger and wash clean. Crushed, mixed with a glass of water. Strain and add one tablespoon of honey. Drink this mixture three times a day
8. breasts become plump and contain
enter the two segments that have been peeled fresh ginger skin, into a hot glass of pure milk. Add one teaspoon of sugar. Drink at bedtime each day.
Prepare one or two of ginger rhizome. Heat the rhizome above the fire or coals and then mashed. Paste the collision of ginger on the bodily pain.
Besides the various benefits that have been explained above in ginger have remarkable properties when mixed with other medicinal plants
For those friends who have premature ejaculation problems, can make a drink of ginger, for satisfaction with your wife can feel
ingredients to make a special drink of ginger: 1, spends god crowns that have been in as many as 15 slices of dried, mixed with ginger and then on the cob, after cooking, then let cool, then add 2 tablespoons of honey with the original, and the added 2 eggs with chicken egg yolk,,,, ready to drink,,, drink this potion 3 hours before you take your wife to bed,,, all your problems will be facing,,,, good luck,,


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