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White Wood

WHITE WOOD already since the time our ancestors used to overcome various health problems. Utilization is certainly known long before the bulk of technology to explore its oil content.
Eucalyptus leaves for example, had always been used to reduce pain and swelling caused by insect bites. Leaves that have been used as extract or dried herb commonly used for stamina enhancer.
Mosquito repellent
Fadl, a number of residents in Cinere, Jakarta, deliberately planting eucalyptus as an insect repellent in the side yard of his house. "Also planted in the yard, I also usually put in the room, in the pot. The room was free of mosquitoes, "he said.
The smell of this plant that makes mosquitoes or insects do not want to be around her.
Eucalyptus leaves can also be rubbing medication directly to the skin so that mosquitoes are not willing to descend. Enough to knead or squeeze-pound leaves, then a to the skin.
If you want to use the whole plant eucalyptus as mosquito repellent, simply place it in the room. To be effective halaunya power, Fadl comparison exemplifies the room with plants, namely for the room 2 times 3 meters enough plantation timber filled with a white one meter. "If the larger chamber, the plants would be more," he said.
Plant named Latin Melaleuca L. leucadendra These were hereditary known in traditional medicine, such as to cope with whooping cough. Sukarsih claimed to have had whooping cough or experience of ordinary people call it a hundred-day cough.
"My parents have brought to the doctor for treatment, but the results have not yet exist. One day when visiting relatives, I was advised to drink potions kencur and eucalyptus oil, "he recalls.
How to use it is, two medium size grated rhizome kencur to take water. Mix with warm water to taste and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil.
This herb is drunk every morning and night before bed. "As a result, when evening came, his cough was much reduced," he said.
After a week drinking the potion, he was recovering from whooping cough. "Currently, the treatment I also applied to children, the results are not mengmengecewakan. That would be cheaper than the shuttle to the doctor, "he said.
Distilled Leaf
Development of refining technology have shifted the use of eucalyptus as a whole. The major crops are essential oils, which can be processed after the distillation process.
No wonder, within a year to reach thousands of liters of products for a variety of household and industrial purposes, ranging from oil scrub, a mixture of soap, perfume, to the drug.
Eucalyptus is included commodities of high economic value. In general, the source of eucalyptus oil refinery comes from the leaves, and commonly known as eucalyptus oil (cajeput oil).
Because it can relieve a variety of complaints, people refer to as the multi-purpose white wood. Just look, the oil is commonly used from the start liniment to reduce swelling and itching due to insect bites, toothache, headache, fatigue, muscle cramps, abdominal bloating, bruising, up to a mixture of cough medicine.
Numerous surveys have shown, the plant is efficacious diaforetik (peluruh perspiration), analgesic (pain reliever), disinfectants (germ killers), expectorants (peluruh phlegm), and antispasmodik (abdominal pain).
Single Or Mixed
Eucalyptus leaves can be used as a mixture of various herbs. You can also use eucalyptus oil products are easily found in the market, or mixed with other ingredients.
Here's an example of using white wood for a variety of complaints:
Drug injury

* Crushed some fresh eucalyptus leaves. Boreh into the skin of the wound because of the sting or insect bite to reduce pain and swelling.
* Handful of fresh eucalyptus leaves boiled with water to taste. Clean the wound before it was washed with water boiled eucalyptus leaves. Do not use the cooking water for old wounds, to avoid infection.

Rinse and two rhizome kencur, grated, then squeeze to take water. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Add a little warm water and a teaspoon of honey, then drink.
Pain relief
Use eucalyptus oil on the market. Apply to the painful body part or as a massage oil to relieve abdominal bloating, headaches, and colds.
Mosquito repellent

* Place eucalyptus plants in the room or dab of eucalyptus oil into your arms and legs for mosquitoes do not interfere. Avoid the use of oil before a bath because it can cause discomfort.
* If you use eucalyptus essential oils, uapkan with a furnace that will spread the scent throughout the room. Make sure the furnace combustion process is going well, so it does not cause shortness of breath.