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Research for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Red rosella flower that has been clikeringkan and brewed into a cup of tea taste sedikitasam bercitara is able to overcome cough, gout, cholesterol, hypertension, free radicals, and tonic (tonic). In addition, based on scientific research conducted scientists Sudan, red rosella also efficacious for lowering blood pressure (hypotensive), respiratory antikejang, anticacing (antelmintik), and antibacterial. "Alhamdulillah, after three months of red roselle tea, my blood sugar down from 320 to 101 and my blood pressure also improved, "said the lily. Now he is free from chemical drugs he had consumed for fifteen years and his health had improved Cup of Tea Rosella Red: Another Testimony healthful came from Linares (29 years) who initially tormented by an abnormal heart beat so that makes it difficult to sleep. ''''Although already feel healthy, I still drink red roselle tea to stay fit and maintain weight, "said Lina who previously weighed 70 kg with a height of 154 cm. This is not a mere figment because red rosella contains various compounds efficacious, such as antioxidants, essential acids, beta carotene, potassium, iron, and various kinds of vitamins. get a cup of red roselle tea warm with a beautiful color. Currently, some herbal manufacturers started producing red rosella in a form that easily consumed, the tea bag ( teabag) and capsules. In addition, red roselle were also present in the form of jams, preserves, and syrups. Indonesia is still dependent on Middle Eastern countries to get the red rosella seeds, such as Sudan and Saudi Arabia.