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Indonesia is rich in natural ingredients such as pepper pepper nah what are the benefits for health. Pepper or pepper is known only to the extent herbs. Yet behind that pepper has efficacy as a drug.
Some diseases that can be healed, among others, asthma, colds, and diarrhea. In addition, the heat generated by the plant the Latin name Piper nigrum is also able to make the body become refreshed. For this reason, many people who use it as a stamina booster drug. By mixing the pepper powder or pepper with half-cooked chicken eggs.
Pepper or pepper are also widely used as smelling the cold. Usually mixed in coffee or steeping ginger. This drink is widely used cold temperate region. As an asthma medication, colds, and diarrhea meraciknya very simple way. You just take one tablespoon of powdered pepper, then pour boiling water with two glasses of hot water. Mix well and let the moment to turn into warm or lukewarm.

Drink this medicine twice a day until the disease asthma, diarrhea and colds you get well. Especially for people with asthma, these potions can be used as regular medicine, especially in the rainy season. Because asthma is often recurrent disease is usually during the winter.