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Medicinal Plants 8

(Sida rhombifolia L.)
Sinonim :S. alnifolia Lour., S. phillippica DC., S. retusa L., S. semicrenata Link., S. spinosa
Familia :Malvaceae
grows wild on the roadside, the page was grass, forests, fields, and places with bright sunshine or a little sheltered. These plants are spread in tropical regions around the world from the lowlands to 1450 m above sea level. This branched upright shrub can reach 2 m high with a small branch haired meeting. Single leaf, alternate location, shape ovate or lanceolate, serrated edge, pointed tip, pertulangan pinnate, the lower short-haired gray color, length 1.5 to 4 cm, width 1 to 1.5 cm. Single bright yellow flower that comes out of the armpit leaves, blooms at about 12 noon and wilted about three hours later. Fruit with 80-10 kendaga, diameter of 6-7 mm. Sidaguri strong roots and skin, used for making rope. Propagation by seed .
Purple leaf (Graptophyllum pictum), including plants that have stems erect shrub, small size and the height can only reach 3 feet, usually growing wild in rural areas or planted as an ornamental or medicinal plants, purple leaf grows didaearah suitable low altitude above 1250 meters sea level. Trunk: The trunk of purple, the stem-shaped cross-section triangular blunt approach. Leaf: leaf position and their structure is located, face to face Interest: Stackable in a series of bunches of dark red.
Curable Disease:
Hemorrhoid, Smooth dispose of urine, menstrual Smooth,; rheumatic / Gout, Ulcer;