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Medicinal Plants 7

[Jatropha podagrica Hook]
Familia :Euphorbiaceae
This plant can be found as an ornamental plant, grown in the garden or place of recreation. Originally, from tropical America. Upright shrub, height 0.5 to 1.5 m, sticky white color, single or slightly branched stems, with the enlarged base of the stem and swell like a tuber. Leaves 20-30 cm long stemmed, leaf blade wake shield, oval shaped cross-section widened to the size of 20-40 cm, bercangap 3 or 5, Taju pointed or rounded. Average interest in the long-stemmed panicles, with female flowers and male flowers on one stalk, red-orange color. Fruit shape broad elliptical, berkendaga three, 1.5 cm long. Seed long oval or round.
Curable Disease:
Fever, swollen beaten, bitten by a snake
PART USED: Whole plant
- Fever
- Swelling hit
- venomous snake bitten
To drink: 10-15 g boiled. The waste is used to paste on the sore place.