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Medicinal Plants 11

(Averrhoa bilimbi L.)
Sinonim :-
Familia :Oxalidaceae
Small tree, reaching 10 m high with a trunk that is not so big and has a diameter of only about 30 cm. Planted as fruit trees, sometimes grows wild and is found from the lowlands to 500 m dpi. Trees originating from tropical America where it wants to grow is not shaded and quite humid. Carambola wuluh have rough bumpy stem, branching slightly, leaning over him. Young branches smooth-haired velvety, light brown color. Leaves odd pinnate compound leaf form with 21-45 pairs of leaflets. Children short-stemmed leaves, shape ovate to elliptic, pointed tip, base rounded, flat edge, 2-10 cm long, 1-3 cm wide, green color, lower surface light green. Inflorescence a panicle, group, out of the trunk or large branches, small flower-shaped reddish-purple star. Buni fruit fruit, round-cornered oval, length from 4 to 6.5 Ern, yellowish green color, when ripe juicy lot, sour taste. Seed shape is oval, flattened. Taste the fruit acids, used as a syrup freshener, flavoring dishes, clean the stain on the cloth, polish goods made of brass, clean hands are dirty or as ingredients of traditional medicine. Propagation by seed and grafting.
Curable Disease:
Cough, cold sores (stomatitis), stomach pain, mumps (parotitis),: rheumatism, whooping cough, bleeding gums, canker sores, painful cavities, acne, phlegm, high blood pressure (hypertension), paralysis,; Improve digestive function, inflammation of the rectum .;...
PART USED: Leaves, flowers, fruit.
- Cough.
- Sprue (stomatitis)
- Stomach pain. Mumps (Parotitis).
- Rheumatism.
- Whooping cough.
- Bleeding gums, canker sores.
- Sick of cavities.
- Acne. Panu.
- High blood pressure.
- Paralysis.
- Improve digestive function.
- Inflammation of the rectum.
To drink: See recipe.
Pamakaian outside: Leaves taste after washed until finely ground like porridge, are used as poultice (local usage) in the mumps, Rheumatism, acne, phlegm.
1. Pagel rheumatic pain:
1 handful of leaves of young starfruit wuluh, 10 clove seeds,
15 grains of pepper, finely ground and then add vinegar to taste.
Smear the sick place.
2. Mumps:
10 young twigs following wuluh starfruit leaves and 4 onions
red after washed and finely ground. Smeared place
the sick.
3. Cough in children.
Wuluh starfruit flower handful, a few grains of fennel, sugar
to taste and 1 cup water, steamed for several hours. After
cold filtered with a piece of cloth, divided for 2 times drinks,
morning and night with an empty stomach.
4. Cough:
25 wuluh starfruit flower, 1 finger rhizome Intersection bells, 1 finger
cinnamon bark, 1 finger rhizome kencur, 2 red onions, 1 / 4
Centella asiatica handheld, 1 / 4 handful sage leaves, 1 / 4 handheld leaf
rue, 1 / 4 handheld leaf spoon, washed and quartered
necessary, boiled with 5 cups water until the remaining 2 1 / 4
glass. After chilling filtered, taken with honey as necessary.
3 times 3 / 4 cup.
5. Whooping Cough:
a. 10 wuluh star fruit are washed and then crushed pulp,
2 tablespoons crushed with salt water, then filtered. Drinking,
do 2 times a day.
b. Wuluh made candied star fruit, 3 x 6-8 day eating fruit.
6. Rheumatism:
a. 100 g young leaves wuluh starfruit, 10 clove seeds and 15 seeds
washed and finely ground pepper, add vinegar to taste
until it becomes dough like mush. Spread batter slurry was
the sick place.
b. 5 star fruit wuluh, 8 leaves kantil (Michelia champaca
L.), 15 clove seeds, 15 grains of black pepper, washed and then crushed
smooth, kneaded with 2 tablespoons lime juice and
1 tablespoon eucalyptus oil. Used to rub
and massage the sore body parts. Do it 2-3 times a day.
7. Thrush:
a. starfruit flower, palm sugar to taste and
1 cup boiling water until thick. After chilling filtered,
used to clean and lubricate the mouth sores.
b. 2 / 3 interest handheld wuluh starfruit, washed and boiled with
3 clean water glass until remaining 2 1 / 4 cup. After cold
filtered and drunk, 3 times a day 3 / 4 cup.
c. 3 wuluh star fruit, red onion 3 eggs, 1 nutmeg
young, 10 leaves sprue, 3 / 4 teaspoon fennel, 3 / 4 fingers
pulosari, washed and finely ground, kneaded with 3 tablespoons
eating coconut oil, squeezed and then filtered. Used for
greasing the wounds caused thrush, 6-7 times daily.
8. Acne:
a. Star fruit wuluh sufficiently cleaned then finely ground,
squeezed with salt water as needed, to rub the face
with acne. Do it 3 times a day.
b. 6 wuluh star fruit and 1 / 2 teaspoon of powdered sulfur,
finely ground and then squeezed with 2 tablespoons lime juice.
This herb is used to scrub and facial grease
acne. Do it 2-3 times a day.
9. Panu:
10 wuluh star fruit are washed and finely ground, add lime
Betel of acid seed, kneaded until smooth. This herb is used
to rub the affected skin fungus skin. Perform 2 times daily.