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Hydroponic Herbs Garden

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water; it is a soil-less plant growing method. Besides hydroponically grown tomatoes and lettuce important herbs like basil, arugula, oregano, lemon balm etc can be grown with the help of hydroponics growing system. Nutrient requirements of hydroponic herbs may vary from plant to plant. It is possible to grow several hydroponic herbs in one nutrient solution; but special care should be taken to prevent hydroponic herbs from nutrient deficiencies. There are three main types of hydroponic herbs serving different purposes; for instance, there are herbs that can be used specifically for cooking (culinary herbs), there are medicinal herbs (home healing) and ornamental herbs.

It can be grown in one unit for a year without again setting up the unit to grow the new ones, unlike growing hydroponics fruits and vegetables where you have to clean the hydroponic unit after harvesting to start over again. You can build your personal hydroponics herbs gardening for kitchen cooking purpose. Hydroponics herbs systems are automated and easily utilized.

The common and easily grown cooking herbs are basil, mint, oregano, and parsley that enhance the taste of your food. The medicinal herbs are ginger root, kava-kava, violet and gravel root. And ornamental herbs used for decoration or presentation purposes are sage, rosemary and chamomile. The three main types of simple hydroponic growing systems are Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Ebb and Flow means and Aeroponic means.

It can be easily done anywhere, either indoor or outdoor, with simple gardening method. For successful gardening, you should understand plants preferred pH, soil requirement, water needs, possible pest diseases etc. It has been proven that hydroponically grown herbs are healthier, delicious and fresher than the herbs grown traditionally. These herbs are free of chemicals and fertilizers.

Medicinal hydroponics herbs are simple and reliable. Hydroponics marijuana is an important ingredient of therapies for curing AIDS and cancer; it also acts as a pain killer in certain conditions. Hydroponic herbs since decades have been used for therapeutic programs. Another medicinal benefit of marijuana or weed is treating glaucoma, a condition that causes loss of vision. Growing hydroponic weed is a smart choice because it helps to heal many illnesses by just sitting at home. Medicinal gardening can be done easily at home and can be used immediately in teas and extracts!