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Training Aid Advice For The Golfer

Every golfer wants to improve their golf swing. Training aid information is overwhelming and sometimes unreliable. How can you cut through all the BS and find out how legitimate a golf training aid for your swing really is?
Up until would go on what you see on the television; what your golfing buddies recommend; or maybe even your local teaching pro. But how do you know if a particular training aid will really help your game? Do you spend hundreds of dollars a year on the next golf gadget, or do you do some homework to find out how effective it would be?
Specific To Your Swing Fault
One thing you need to take into consideration is your specific swing fault. By knowing your swing fault, you can eliminate certain golf swing aids that will obviously not help. For example, if you are a slicer of the golf ball, you wouldn't get a training aid that addresses hooking the ball. This is an obvious comparison, but one that you should take into consideration when choosing a golf training aid.
Price Range Is A Factor
Golf training aids can range from under $20 to over $200. The variance is huge! Everyone has a budget, and it all comes down to what you are willing to spend "in hopes" of a better swing. If you can talk to someone who has had success with a particular product, then you are one step ahead of anyone going in cold and spending a lot of money.
Needs To Mimic Your Golf Swing
So many training aids for golf are not even close to what you actually do in your swing from a mechanical standpoint. I have seen countless golf swing aids that ingrain bad muscle memory and actually make your swing worse. When researching a golf swing training aid, take a look at the general motion of what they want you to do with it. If is makes sense to you, then give it a trial run. If it is far and away different than your golf swing, move on.