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How to Lose Weight During Menopause

Menopause is a time of quite a few changes in a woman's body. It marks the end of the childbearing years, but the beginning of an adventure into a new phase in life. In menopause, all of the care you took to treat your body well in previous years will pay off: your strong bones and muscles will now keep you healthy in your middle years.
The usual and very natural weight gain for pre-menopausal women is sometimes unnerving, but it is simply due to the body not needing as many calories to maintain itself. Even though quite a few will try to manage this weight gain with diet and/or exercise, it can be a frustrating process. A better solution is often sought after.
It's always tough to lose weight, no matter what your age. But it can be even harder during menopause. Don't give up though! Instead, focus on eating a healthy, ba anced diet instead of succumbing to fads. Fill up on natural foods that are full of essential vitamins and minerals, instead of processed foods loaded with chemicals and empty calories. That way, you can concentrate less on counting calories, and instead enjoy varied, tasty, good-for-you foods.
Maintaining muscle mass after menopause will help prevent weight gain. Each year after their thirties, women tend to loose one third of a pound of muscle per year. By increasing and/or maintaining muscle mass, a woman is able to better metabolize her food. This in turn will keep a woman at a healthy weight.
As an added bonus, regular exercise can boost your mood and relieve stress, two things that are especially helpful during and after menopause. Studies have shown that stress may be linked to menopause weight gain, and this effect may be amplified in post-menopausal women. Keeping healthy with regular exercise can calm the stress while burning excess calories.
Menopause weight gain is a worry that quite a few women face. But you should be realistic when it is only five or ten pounds. As long as you fall within a healthy weight range, a few extra pounds may actually be helpful. Some extra weight can actually mitigate some hormonal effects associated with menopause. Of course, this doesn't give you free range to go overboard. Just realize that it is okay to not get overly stressed over a slight gain in weight.


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