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Fix Your Golf Slice With Training Aids

There are dozens of training aids that promise to fix your golf slice, but many don't help you accomplish this. How frustrating to get a certain product in hopes it will help...and it doesn't?
I hear the above story daily. Actually several times a day! It's amazing to me how much money is spent on hyped-up training aids that never solve the problem they promise to solve. These golf equipment companies are becoming master marketers.
They have learned through trial-and-error every hot button a golfer has, and they can push it whenever they come out with a new product. They get you emotional, and you make that impulse buy.
Don't get me wrong! There are many effective training aids out there, and several that actually do fix your golf slice. But the number of good ones is a fraction of the sum total.
Since over 80% of all amateurs slice the golf ball, slice products are a popular sector in the golf product development area. Golf innovators are dying to come out with a new slice aid because they know it will sell. It's almost as bad as weight-loss products. Praying on the weak and vulnerable.
With that being do you know if one of these slice training aids is good or not?
If you're serious about it you've got to do some recon work! Talk to your teaching pro, your golfing buddies, and go down to your local pro shop to see if you can get your hands on one before you buy it!
In my opinion, the golf slice is an easy fix. Most of the aids out there should fix your golf slice. The cause of a slice is mostly an over-the-top, swiping across the ball golf swing. That physical move is the culprit!
Even slightly changing your grip can be the fix to a strong left hand grip (for a right-handed golfer) can effectively and quickly cure a slice.
Now back to doing your homework!
You've got to look for a training aid that gets you coming from the inside, to produce the opposite spin of a slice, and actually can help you it a draw. If you're a slicer, how cool would that be to starting hitting a draw?
There are several that come to mine, but I don't want to give any of these companies free advertising. Do some to golfing buddies and get a feel for which training aid you want to try. Don't waste your money on impulse.
Another option in closing is to go to ebay. You can save a few bucks and get it in your hands in less than a couple of days. Ebay has a ton of golf training aids, and many that are aimed at fixing your golf slice.