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Chinese Slimming Tea To Burn Fat And Calories

Strong evidence shows that by drinking Chinese tea you become slimmer by burning fat and calories. Chinese tea is easy to add to your daily routine because all you need to do is just drink it.
Works on Metabolism
Science has discovered that Chinese green tea has the ability to increase your metabolism and therefore making it easier to burn extra fat. This is done by the catechin polyphenols in green tea reacting with the chemical transmitter in the nervous system, known as norepinephrine, to burn calories faster. It was also discovered that the green tea, having thermogenic properties, does promote fat oxidation beyond what the caffeine in the green tea does.
Three Popular Kinds of Tea
Due to this positive evidence, Chinese slimming teas are becoming highly popular and are available in the market. These teas are manufactured usually with the combination of traditional Chinese herbs, and are intended for those who wish to lose weight and get slim.
A list of the widely purchased Chinese teas available in the market these days is as follows:
1. Slimming Tea is a dietary supplement made from natural Chinese herbs reinforced with Panax Ginseng. This tea harmonizes the needs of losing weight as well as to maintain good health. It also regulates the appetite. However, it is necessary to note that with the intake of this tea, an increased bowel movement may be experienced during the first few days. Shortening the steeping time will reduce this effect. This product is now available at
2. Slimming Special Tea is a combination of traditional Chinese herbs. The herbs are triple leaf brand teas and are one of the finest qualities to ensure max freshness and flavor. The herb combination is considered to produce the most satisfaction from an all-natural beverage. While taking this tea, it is recommended to include plenty of:


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