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Medicinal Plants 30

(Gomphrena globose Linn.)
Familia :

Annual herb, height 60 cm. or more, hairy. Planted in the yard as an ornamental plant or
grows wild in fields that get enough sun to a height of approximately 1400 m. from sea level, comes from America and Asia. Green stems reddish, hairy, dilated at the link branching, leaves are sitting face to face, stemmed, leaf shape ovate to elongate breech, with a length of 5-10 cm, 2-5 cm wide, tapered tip green haired rough at the top and smooth on bottom, white hair color. Flowers hump shape, dark red color purplefish, like a ball. (There are white)
Asthma, cough, sore eyes, headaches, bad Mimpu; Pain fever, dysentery;
Flowers or whole plants, fresh or dried.
1. Bronchial asthma, airway inflammation of acute and chronic (acute
and chronic bronchitis).
2. Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
3. Inflammation of the eyes, headaches
4. Hot on the child, nightmares (night screaming).
5. Dysentery
USE: 9-15 grams, boiled.
Crushed fresh plant, used in the body of the sick or boiled, for washing. Used for wounds or sores hit.
1. Bronchial asthma:
10 boiled flowers, plus the yellow wine, drinking
rutine 3 times.
2. Urination is not smooth: 3-10 grams of boiled flowers, drunk.
3. Hot on the child (due to liver disorders):
7-14 fresh flowers boiled, drinking.
4. Dysentery:
10 plus wine fresh flowers yellow, boiled, drinking.