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Medicinal Plants 29

(Luffa cylindrica [L.] Roem.))

Sinonim :
L.aegyptica Mill., L. pentandra Roxb., L. cattupincinna Ser., L. faetida Sieb. et Zucc., L. petola Ser., Momordica cylirzdrica L.

Familia :
Generally, blustru planted in fields, on fences page as a vegetable crop, or
grows wild in the bush, river and beach. Annual herb, the stem length can reach 20-10 m, climbing by tendrils (pembelit tool) that came out of leaf armpit. Single leaf, petiole 4-9 cm long, alternate location. Leaf blade ovate widened, curved fruit 5-7, base heart-shaped leaves, leaf bone protruding beneath, upper surface color of dark green leaf, green leaf color under surface of young, 6-25 cm long, width from 7.5 to 27 cm. Flowers unisexual, contained in one tree. Crown of yellow flowers. Fruit hanging or lying on the ground, cylindrical or spherical shape elongated, 10-50 cm long, with diameters of 5-10 cm, if it is old brown. The inside of the ripe fruit contained a tightly woven fiber. Seeds flattened by the edge of the wing-shaped, smooth, black. Young fruit can vegetables, being young leaves can .Plants home furnishings can be propagated by seed
Nature and Benefits Fruit blustru sweet, cool character, enter the liver meridian, stomach, and kidney. Fruit blustru peluruh efficacious as sputum, stopper
bleeding (hemostatis), a mild laxative (laxative), and clean the heat (the heat and feeling palpable heat inside) and toxic. Blustru seeds taste bitter, cold nature, and toxic. Seeds blustru efficacious to remove heat, bullets urine (diuretic), stimulating vomiting (emetic), laxatives, stomach worm eradication (antelmintik), menstruation, and stimulates milk expenditures (laktagoga). Leaves efficacious to cleanse the blood and bullets of menstruation. Flowers blustru sweet, slightly bitter, and cold nature. Sweet coconut fiber, neutral in character, enter the lung meridian, stomach, and liver. Coir efficacious as sputum, pain relievers (analgesics), antirheumatic, as well as blood circulation and nerve. The root tastes sweet, neutral nature, efficacious blood circulation and relieve swelling. Stem bitter, cold nature, poisonous, enter the heart meridian, spleen, and kidneys. Trunk blood circulation and efficacious
Parts used are all part
plants, such as fruit, fruit leather, fruit stalks, seeds, husks, leaves, flowers, stems, and roots.
The fruit is used to overcome:
fever, thirst, cough, tightness, vaginal discharge, irregular menstruation, breast milk (milk) is not smooth, hard bowel movements, bleeding, such as bloody urine, nosebleeds, and ulcers.
Seeds are used to overcome:
face, hands, and leg swelling (edema), urinary tract stones, worms, back pain, and hemorrhoids.
The leaves are used to overcome:
shortness of breath, do not come menstruation (amenorrhea), testicular inflammation (orchitis), burns, ulcers, ringworm, and bitten by a snake.
Rind is used to overcome:
boils, abscesses rectal areas (tip of the large intestine), and wounds.
Flowers are used to overcome:
cough accompanied by shortness, sore throat, sinusitis, hemorrhoids, and ulcers.
Coir is used to overcome:
chest pain, abdominal pain, back pain, arthritic joints, aching rheumatic pain, cough with phlegm, do not come menstruation, breast swelling, breast milk (milk) a little, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the testicles (orchitis), and ulcers.
Charcoal from the fiber is used for:
stop the bleeding, like bleeding outside of menstruation, bloody urine, and dysentery.
Roots used to treat:
migraine, back pain, sore throat, sores that will not break, and swollen breasts (mastitis).
Rod is used to overcome:
sense of numbness, irregular menstruation, runny nose, and swelling (edema).
Fruit stalks are used for treatment:
chickenpox in children.
For drugs taken, the ingredients can be prepared in the following way.
Boiled or roasted 100-150 g or 10-15 g of fresh fruit dried fruit (fruit that is burned to a powder).
Boil or gongseng 5-10 g seeds, then grind to a powder.
Boil or milled 50-150 g fresh leaf. The leaves are rolled, then squeezed and the water drunk feelings. Alternatively, dry the leaves, then milled to a powder.
Boil 10-15 g of flowers.
Boil or bake 10-15 g fiber. Coir is baked, then milled to become powder.
Boil 50-150 g of fresh root or 5-15 g of dried root. Apart from boiled, dried roots can be ground up into powder.
Boil 50-100 mg be stem or to dried powders.
For external use, apply a fresh fruit juice to a hospital. In addition, the treatment can also be done by applying powder dried fruit, seeds, dried leaves, coconut fiber, or rod in place of the sick. Water decoction of leaves or roots can be used to wash wounds. Rind baked until dry, then finely ground and added to wine in moderation, can be applied to the place that hurt. Finely ground fresh flowers can be attached to a hospital.
a. Irregular menstruation
Wash fruits blustru by 4 fingers to clean, and scar. Add 1 / 2 cup cooking water and the tip of a teaspoon fine salt as he crumpled. Once well blended, this ingredient is squeezed clan filtered. The collected water while drunk. Do it 3 times a day.
b. Facilitating breastfeeding
Ripe fruit blustru katuk clan leaves become translucent and vegetables can be eaten with rice.
c. Lumbago
1. Gongseng blustru seeds to taste until charred, then milled into powder and put into jars. If you want to use, take as much as 10 g and enter into a 1 / 2 shot glass of wine. Toss well, then endapkan. The water was drunk at the same time, while the waste is affixed to the waist the sick.
2. Wash blustru root to taste, then grilled with a covered roof. Once dried, ground into powder and roots to enter into the jar. Each time you use, take 10 g of powder, then put in 1 / 2 shot glass and drink warm wine once.
d. Shortness of breath
S Wash the leaves are still fresh young blustru clean. Furthermore, asapkan a while and eat with rice as a vegetable. Perform 2 times daily.