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Medicinal Plants 20

(Gycopersicum esculentum Mill.)
Sinonim :Solanum lycopersicum L.
Familia :Solanaceae
Tomatoes originated from tropical America, grown as fruit crops in fields, yards, or found wild at an altitude of 1-1600 m above sea level. These plants can not stand the rain, scorching sun, and prefer loose soil and fertile. Herb this year to grow upright or leaning on other plants, height of 0.5 - 2, 5 m, much branched, hairy, and strong smelling. Stem round, thickened on its books, it's green haired rough whitish. The compound leaves are pinnate, alternate location, shape bundartelursampai elongated, pointed tip, base rounded, large pieces of leaf grooved edges, smaller strands of jagged edges, the length of 10-40 cm, light green color. Compound interest, gathered in a series of bunches, stemmed, star-shaped crown, the color yellow. Buni fruit fruit, fleshy, thin skin sleek, vary in shape and size, the color yellow or red. Seeds many, compressed, yellow-brown color. Tomato fruit can be eaten straight, made juice, tomato sauce, cooked, made sambal fried, or made pickled tomatoes. Shoots or young leaves can disayur. Tomatoes on the market generally spherical shape. Which are large, thick fleshy, seedy little, and referred to as tomato red fruit. This type of tomato usually eaten fresh as a fruit. Smaller known as tomato vegetable because it is used in the cuisine. Tiny size of a marble called cherry tomatoes and used to make a sauce or mix in a salad dish.
Tomato fruit taste sweet, sour, its a bit cold. Efficacious eliminate thirst, antiseptic
intestine, mild laxative (laxative), increase appetite by increasing the release of saliva, gastric enzymes stimulate, and expedite the flow of bile into the intestine. Leaves efficacious conditioning. mice, tomato juice may reduce high serum cholesterol levels and reduce the amount of cholesterol in the liver. syrup tomato can lower blood pressure without disturbing the heart rate and stimulate smooth muscle. In animal experiments, tomatine efficacious anti-inflammatory and reduce the permeability of blood vessels. Tomatine effective to inhibit the growth of fungi on the human body. Research in America, men who consumed at least ten servings of tomatoes cooked in a week will reduce the risk of prostate cancer to 45%. This is possible because of lycopene, carotenoids in tomatoes are believed to prevent tumor onset and reduces the risk of heart disease.