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Medicinal Plants 17

(Impatiens balsamina Linn.)
Sinonim :Impatiens cornuta, Linn. Impatiens hortensis, Desf. Impatiens mutila, D.C. I.triflora Blanco Balsamina mutila, DC.
Familia :Balsaminaceae
Trunked form of wet herb, branched, with a single leaf, the shape of elongated lancet edge serrated leaf color hijair young without leverage. Brightly colored flowers, there are several kinds of colors, like red, orange, purple, white, etc.., there is the "ankle" and there is a "double". Kendaga fruit fruit, when ripe will open up into 5 parts are twisted. Usually planted as an ornamental plant with a height of 30 80 cm.
Curable Disease:
menstruation, gastrointestinal cancer, swelling, rheumatic, Boils, snake bites, skin , Whitish, bone fractures, pain, Anti-inflammatory, foreign body stuck in the throat;
Seed: menstruation (Emenagog), facilitate childbirth (Parturifasien), upper digestive tract cancer. Use 30-10 gr, for cancer: 15 - 60 grams, boiled. Flowers: peluruh menstruation, pregnancy (abortivum) used white flowers, swelling due to hit (haematom), rheumatic arthritis, ulcers (furunculolsis), snake bites, skin inflammation (dermatitis). Usage: 3-6 grams, boiled. Leaves: Whitish (Leucorrhoea), bone fractures (Fracture), reduce pain (analgesic).
Roots: menstruation, anti-inflammatory (antiflogistik = anti-inflammatory), rheumatic, punctured bones / foreign body in the esophagus.
External Use: Flowers: - swelling, boils, rheumatic, skin inflammation: crushed fresh flowers, ternpelkan in place of the sick. Leaf: - Frakture, anti-inflammatory: Lumatkhan fresh leaves, placed in a hospital, or boiled leaves, to wash the wound and leaves attached to a hospital. HOW TO USE: 1. Vaginal discharge (Leucorrhoea): 30 - 60 grams of fresh leaves, boiled. 2. menstruation: a. 4-5 tubers roots, boiled, 3-4 Do drink b. (Haematoma and pcluruh menstruation): Impatiens balsamina Leonurus sibiricus 6 g 30 g 6 g Curcuma zedoaria Scirpus yagara 6 g All the ingredients boil. 3. Punctured bones / foreign body in esophagus: Roots chewed, swallowed with warm water. Contraindications: Pregnant women SIDE EFFECTS: In old usage, can arise dry mouth (Xerostomia), nausea (Nausea), decreased appetite (anorexia), which disappeared after lowering the dose or discontinuation of treatment for 2-3 days