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Medicinal Plants 16

(Citrus hystrix D.C.)
Sinonim :C. paeda Miq.
Familia :rutaceae.
Many people planted in the garden in the yard or garden. The leaves are compound pinnate leaves bear a single leaf. Petiole widened partly resembles the child leaves. Strands of child-shaped leaves ovate to oblong, base rounded or blunt, blunt to the tapered tip, edge beringgit, length 8 -15 cm, width 2-6 cm, both surfaces smooth with small colored dots clear spots, upper surface dark green color rather glossy, lower surface light green or yellowish green, opaque, if squeezed fragrance. The flowers are star shaped, white, reddish or yellowish white. Fruit shape is oval, green skin is wrinkled, berbenjolbenjol, somewhat sour taste bitter. Lime is often used in cooking, baking, or made sweets. Lime can be propagated by grafting and seed
Curable Disease:
Lime leaves potent stimulant and tonic. My lit stimultan nutritious fruit, distinctive aromatic smell, taste a bit salty, brown, and eventually a little bitter.
Fruit, lime is used to overcome:
- influenza,
- the body feels tired,
- head of hair that smells (perfume skin), and
- skin scaly and peeling.
Leaves, lime is used to overcome:
- body tired and weak after a severe illness.
How to Use
For drugs taken, provide 1-2 pieces lime water that has been cooked, then drink.
For external use, lime split into 2-4 pieces, then rub into the skin of the scaly or fruit juice is used to wet hair after shampooing.
1, Influenza
Cut a ripe lime and lots of water, then wring it out. Feelings pour boiling water with 60 cc of hot water. Drink all at once while warm.
2.Skin scaly and flaking
Cut the old lime into two parts. Rub the skin a scaly, dry, and easy to peel the scalp or other parts of the body. Do it once a day, night before bed.

3.For Shamphoo
Wash a ripe lime fruit thoroughly, then grated. Add 1 tablespoon water, then squeeze and strain. Use a water filter to rub the hair after shampooing.
4.Tired after work or tired after a severe illness
Take 2 handfuls of fresh lime leaves. Boil in 3 quarts water to boiling (10 minutes). Pour ingredients into a bucket of warm water and use for bathing.