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Diet for Weight Loss

Why dieting?
The reason dieting will be your first choice for quick weight loss is because we are accustomed to relating overweight with overeating while in fact it is much more complicated than that. I mean true, the two are related but they are not the whole deal. I am sure that many of you have tried dieting and know of many people who have tried dieting. I am also sure that the results were not that great. In fact I have never personally heard of anyone losing his or her weight just by dieting. If 98% of people who go on diets gain the weight they lose back + 5 extra pounds (National Institute of Health) then there must be something missing.
So now that we have looked at why we choose dieting, let's see why diets do not work.
Why do diets not work in weight loss?
There are many reasons why they do not work but I will simplify it for you and break them down into two major groups: your body, and your mind.
Your body:
Your body is a very complex machine; it knows what is best for it and will do everything to ensure its survival, whether you chose to or not. So when you diet your body does not know what is happening... as far as it is concerned it, it could be some huge drought and there is no food left on earth. So it will fight it, and guess what? It wins 98% of the time.
So here's what happens in real life when you try to lose weight by dieting:
1. Your body will slow down the metabolism: again your body is thinking it is a survival matter and not a simple diet. So it slows metabolism by 40% significantly reducing the effectiveness of your diet!
2. The longer you go on with your diet, the harder it gets to lose weight. Eventually you will hit a point where it is nearly impossible to lose weight and your program 'plateaus'. This usually happens about four months into your very low carb diet and it is explained by the 'set point' theory.
3. Dieting will create a greater urge to eat. You will feel hungry all the time when you are dieting. So when you go back to 'normal' life, you will gain all the weight back and put on about five more pounds on average.
Your mind:
There is another reason why diets do not work, and this will play a huge role in your weight loss journey. If you do not realize this, you will most likely have a long non-ending journey with many disappointments and setbacks. This comes from you.
1. The reason you have the weight you do right now is because of your habits and your life style. You may not see it is because it is hard to see your habits. Which is why they are called 'habits'. So do not feel bad about yourself.
2. Diets do not change your habits. In fact you are rather very upset when you are on a diet. Most people generally are, because diets are not fun, and all they can think about is going back to their normal life.
3. When habits do not change, diets can be seen as a 'quick fix' for a very deeply rooted problem. So this explains why people gain their weight back.
I hope you have enjoyed this. I will talk about other solutions, and other problems about your body and your weight loss in later articles.
Bruno Salemé is a weight loss consultant and researcher who has helped many people achieve remarkable success in their health and other fields using simple and full proof methods and techniques