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Sambiloto plant is a shrub that has a lot of leafy branches and the height could reach about 90 cm. Leaves small bitter dark green and white flowers. Sambiloto also can breed year round, with seeds or by stem cuttings. Propagation by stem cuttings is also relatively easy to do.
The trick, choose a slightly older stems that have leaves about 10 strands. Stems were cut approximately 20 cm long and then pinned to the ground in the shade. Only in about one month, bitter plant already filled with young leaves. Part is used for traditional medicine is the leaf that tastes very bitter. Actually, besides the leaves, stems, flowers and the roots are also useful drug.
From ancient times until now.
Relief bitter leaf is on the Borobudur Temple as well as in the Book of Rama Fibres in Javanese Kawi around the 18th century. Mentioned Sambiloto Hanuman efficacious for treating soldiers wounded in the war against Ravana.
In Indonesia, many people know from bitter herbs mbok carry, which is called by the name of herbal medicine paitan. Often people consume fluids paitan the blackish color of mbok herbs, and then bitterness expelled by drinking rice kencur. This mixture is commonly known to ward off colds.
In addition to buying the herbal carrying, people can also consume bitter leaves by boiling. Dry leaves no less useful even now there are also bitter in the form of tea bags. For those who can not stand the bitterness, but would like to receive special properties of bitter, bitter to consume in the form of capsules.
In line with the trend "back to nature", also has many foreign circles who glanced bitter properties. Various studies conducted both inside and outside the country, found that behind the bitter taste bitter, androgapholid contained the active substance which is very useful for the treatment. India also has long been familiar with these herbs, even bitter is used to combat the flu epidemic in India in 1919 and proved effective so bitter earned the nickname the "Indian Echinacea".
In China, sambiloto already in clinical trials and proven efficacious as an anti hepapatoksik (anti-heart disease). In Japan, being in explore the possibility to use bitter as HIV drugs, and in Scandinavia, bitter in use to cope with infectious diseases.
Various kinds of bitter properties.
Hereditary, people already use the stew bitter leaves to prevent colds or influenza, reduce fever, jaundice, and treat wounds. To treat wounds, usually one pound dried bitter leaf, and sprinkle with powdered korengnya injury or bitter. In addition, bitter bitter also believed effective to relieve diabetes.
According to Dr. J Sidhajatra who have decades of giving herbal medicine on his patients, a bitter herb that has the effect of anti-infective / anti-inflammatory best among other medicinal plants. Infectious diseases, especially infection of the mucus tissue or mucus, such as influenza causes throat infections, urinary tract infection, vaginal discharge in women and infection of the ulceration, can be treated with the bitter.
In the form of decoction of dried leaves, dr. Sidhajatra recommended dose is 5 grams, which is boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining 1 cup for one day (taken 3 x 1 / 3 cup). If using fresh leaves, the dose is about 30 pieces of leaves in the same manner as boiling the dried leaves. In the form of extract, consume up to 1,500 mg per day is still considered safe. "Based on my experience, bitter in the form of extract was shown to more effectively cope with various inflammatory diseases / infections" said Dr Sidhajatra added.
But dr Sidhajatra reminded that the use of bitter to relieve diabetes, also must be accompanied by a diet low in carbohydrates and sugar. "If only diligently consume bitter but still casual dining, yes dangerous", advises Dr. Sidhajatra.
The opinion of Dr. Paul W Halim who practice in BSD City, Tangerang, very positive about the bitter. "In the mix with other herbs such as ginger, bitter to be more effective in treating upper respiratory tract illnesses (ARI). Sambiloto also functions as an immune stimulator, and herbal medicine for people with diabetes mellitus, as well as an appetite stimulant in children "explains the Italian medical graduates.
Sambiloto Utilization in Indonesia.
Ironically, in Indonesia itself, a new bitter limited known among ordinary people who consume herbal medicine. Seeing the usefulness, certainly better if we go back to nature by consuming bitter herbs, as compared to antibiotics which have side effects less well and the price is relatively expensive. And if the developed countries like Scandinavia, Japan, China have used bitter, of course, there is no reason why we as a country producing bitter not to consume them?


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