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Diseases Cancer

Taro plants rats (Typhonium flagelliforme) is a kind of taro plants as high as 25 cm to 30 cm, including plants shrubs, like damp areas that are not exposed to direct sun. Wet trunked plants are usually grown in the open at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. Shape rounded leaves with heart-shaped pointed end. Fresh green color. Tuber rounded average of nutmeg.
This plant was first researched as a medicinal plant by experts from Malayia, Prof. Dr.Chris KHTeo, Dip Agric (M), BSc Agric (Hons) (M), MS, PhD, who is also the founder of Cancer Care Penang, Malaysia. Since 1995 Prof. Chris Teo researching this plant, the result shows the extract mixture Typhonium Flageffiforme and other natural materials to help detoxification of blood tissue. This potion will get better when given together with other herbal ingredients, such as bitter, white and grass gathering pearls. This herb contains ribosome inacting protein (RIP), antioxidants and substances antikurkumin. The combination of all three substances in a mixture of these ingredients produce mediators that stimulate the strengthening of the cells in the immune system to eradicate cancer cells.
Several years later, the efficacy of rodent tuber, a warm conversation among experts natural or chemical treatment. Moreover, patients who recover from the discovery of cancer from consuming these plants. As told by Drs. Pattopai, a retired Department of Agriculture who also became the first person who discovered this plant in Indonesia.
This man has a wife who menederita stage III breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy. Taste tortured after undergoing chemotherapy often experience, then Pattopai seek alternative medicine to Malaysia. In Malaysia, he accidentally found a book that discusses the efficacy of the work of Prof. rat taro plant. Chris Teo. After returning to Indonesia he was soon to find plants that finally he can in Pekalongan, Central Java.
After that he was concocting these plants as recommended in the book and direct suggestion Prof. Chris Teo. After consuming the concoction tersbut Pattopai wife slowly started to decrease side effects of chemotherapy. Her hair is no longer falling and appetite back. After three months of treatment, Pattopai checked his wife to cancer doctors and tested negative.
But some circles to remind the use of these medicinal plants. They did not hesitate to usefulness. In China the plant is at carefully by Zhong Z, Zhou G, Chen X, and Huang P from the Guangxi Institute of Traditional Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nanning. This research was conducted to determine the effect farmakologisnya. It is known that water and alcohol extracts of Typhonium flagelliforme have the effect of preventing cough, eliminate phlegm, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory nature sedatife, and are sedatives. At a concentration of 720 g / kg water extract, 900 g / kg of alcohol extract and 3240 g / kg ester extract of this plant can poison the body.