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Fat Girl's Guide To A Flat Stomach

There are many causes of stomach bloating and most of them are food related. It's fair to say that if you are overweight you probably eat more than your slim neighbour which raises the odds of you reacting to a particular food. However just because you may carry excess fat doesn't mean you have to put up with abdominal bloating any more than a thin person does. And even if you are fat, with a little effort, getting rid of bloating can help you get a flatter stomach.
So if you are a sufferer you need to find out what is your bloat trigger in order to help you deal with the problem and treat it properly. For many women, bloating may be hormone related and the result of a build up of fluid especially in the week prior to menstruation. When an imbalance occurs in the body, excess fluid can build up in spaces between cells.
Abdominal Bloating Treatment
Diuretics (water tablets) are not always the best solution as these can lead to dehydration and dizziness. A better solution is to cut down on salt and alcohol intake and increase potassium levels. Good natural sources of potassium include fruit (especially bananas), vegetables, pulses, nuts and seeds, milk, fish, shellfish, beef and poultry.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Stomach Bloating
Irritable bowel syndrome can cause abdominal bloating. Treating ibs and digestive problems can be difficult and treatments should be discussed with your GP. Some of the more common remedies include anti-spasmodic tablets, peppermint oil capsules and charcoal products. Probiotic drinks and yoghurts may also be helpful by encouraging good bacteria and helping to maintain a healthy gut.
Additional Stomach Bloating Causes
Stress can also be a factor in abdominal bloating. The link between the digestive system and emotions is well documented. Many people suffer from a 'nervous tummy' and most of us are familiar with that stomach lurching feeling or that urgent need to rush to the loo when we are anxious. Taking time to eat slowly and chewing food properly can be helpful. Try eating smaller portions and putting the fork down between mouthfuls. Relaxation techniques or hypnosis may be the best long term solutions to help to deal with stomach bloating caused by stress.
Probably the most common cause of abdominal bloating is food intolerance.
To find out what your bloating triggers are you will need to follow an elimination diet. This involves following a strict, bland diet for a few days until your stomach bloating has gone and then gradually re-introducing individual foods and keeping a record of any reaction you may experience. You should soon be able to pinpoint which foods are responsible for your abdominal bloating which will enable you to cut down on these products and control your symptoms.
To sum up, bloating affects people of all ages and sizes, whether you're fat or skinny. Investigating what causes you to bloat and finding a solution to the problem will help you get a flatter stomach.