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Easy Diet

Diet for our body is in need to maintain balance of our bodies, if we are overweight we will be prone to various diseases, for it needs to do a regular diet.
Don't you just hate difficult to follow diets? You spend hours reading about it, planning menus, finding recipes. You come up with a grocery list of all the unusual items you don't keep in your kitchen. You shop, you plan and you're so stressed getting ready to start your diet, you sit down and eat a whole row of Oreos. I want an easy diet!
Shakes Don't Work
You've tried the diets where you have a shake at breakfast and lunch and then a reasonable dinner. But you're always hungry and so the reasonable dinner becomes larger and larger. Not to mention the boredom. This is not so much a diet as a subtle means of torture.
thing Calories or Points Is A Hassle
The calorie and point counting plans are anything but easy. Not too much to read, but you still have to plan menus, find recipes and with some plans you even have to attend meetings. Not to mention the expense. And unless you eat the same thing every day, or commit the book to memory, you have to carry a book with point values of foods.
No, I want an easy diet; not a lot of planning. I want menu plans that are prepared for you with meals normal people eat - nothing gourmet. And it has to be nutritious; based on what my body needs; I want all this and a plan that's easy.
I've Found An Easy Diet
This easy diet is based on the premise that your body will adjust your metabolism based on the type and amount of food you eat each day. If you eat 3,000 calories a day and suddenly cut back to 1,500 calories a day, your body is going to think there's a food shortage and promptly lower your metabolism to conserve energy.
This leaves you to either use twice the amount of energy, find a way to boost your metabolism, or keep your body from lowering your metabolism. Though you can increase it, it's virtually impossible to double the amount of energy your body uses each day, so let's look at boosting your metabolism. It's easy; you simply take stimulants, or exercise after each meal (after waiting 20 minutes to a half hour)
Maintain Your Metabolism
My choice is to maintain your metabolism - and you keep your body from adjusting by a method called calorie shifting. If your body is going to gauge the rate at which it burns calories on the type and amount of food you eat, shifting the type and amount should keep your body from getting a fix on just what you're going to eat each day.
All the Work's Done For You
Ok, that's the part I like best. With this easy diet, you simply input your food preferences, and yes you get to choose, and a computer program gives you meal plans for the next 11 days, plus a shopping list for all you'll need. How easy is that?
There are 10 basic rules to follow, and you simply follow the meal plans for the next 11 days. Then you have 3 days to eat what ever you like. Then, you start all over again. It truly is an easy diet.