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Diet Direct

Diet Direct provides dieters looking for fast easy weight loss with step by step instructions. Increased numbers of disreputable products are flooding the market calling themselves HCG weight loss solutions. Many don’t even come with instructions.
Dr. J. Ronald Willis of HCG Diet Direct said, “The HCG Diet Direct brand is meticulously formulated to maximize weight loss using HCG. Many find themselves accessing the ‘cheapest’ form of homeopathic HCG for fast easy weight loss at the cheapest price on the market. This is often a mistake. Vital elements are missing from many of these so called homeopathic HCG formulas.”
HCG Diet Direct offers a full instructional booklet with the purchase of every HCG weight loss formula. Each and every HCG Diet Direct dieter receives the formula (with the full ingredient list on the side of the bottle) as well as what is called the Pocket Guide protocol. The pocket guide protocol includes FULL step by step instructions to enable dieters to fulfill the requirements that will result in weight loss.
The HCG diet is dependent not only on the existence of HCG within the weight loss product at hand, but on the incorporation of the dieting protocol based around the strict very low calorie diet (VLCD). Instructions on correct HCG weight loss formula use, very low calorie diet requirements and more are included in the HCG Diet Direct protocol.
HCG Diet Direct’s Homeopathic HCG weight loss formula is the basis for a fast weight loss plan that can be used to achieve drastic weight loss without invasive procedures and with no known HCG diet side effects. It is one of the healthiest fast weight loss plans available. When dieters buy HCG they follow the included Dr approved protocol. Oral HCG drops are taken three times daily and paired with a careful eating plan. The results of the standard 26-30 day program can provide an average of 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per day


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