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Barucinia fertilizer content

Familia: Compositae
Chronic herb, smooth-haired, erect, reaching 1 m tall, strong-smelling, like soil that is moist and rich humus soil, grows wild in the woods and in fields. species commonly planted in the garden as a medicinal plant. Artemisia argyi Levl. et. Vant. These plants contained up to 3,000 m above sea level, comes from China.
This plant is a half-woody herb, branching many, grooved and hairy. Egg-shaped leaves with pointed tip menjari edge sharing, both leaf surfaces smooth haired. Green leaf color, at the bottom of the color is more white, take turns sitting. Interest is compound interest, small, hump-shaped light yellow color arranged in a series of shaped panicles that grow down, out of the armpit and the tip of the leaf stalks. Propagation can be by cuttings or seed.
Local Name:
New China (Indonesia, Sumatra), sweet leaves, brobos krebo; Beunghar kucicing, jukut lokot mala, Suket gajahan (Java); Kolo, goro-goro China (Maluku), Leaf Sudamala, cam cao; Ai ye (China).;
Curable Disease:
Menstrual Pain, Miscarriage, dysentery, Whitish, hard to have children, vomiting blood, nosebleeds, bleeding intestines, easy delivery;
PART USED: Leaves, whole plant.
1. Menstruation excessive (many), menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea), menstrual irregularities.
2. Prevent miscarriage (Threatened abortion), excessive fetal movement.
3. Dysentery, whitish.
4. Easing labor, the difficulty having children.
5. Vomiting blood (hematemesis), nosebleed (epistaxis), intestinal bleeding (rectal haemorrhgia).
10-30 grams of boiled, drinking. This herb has been made tablets, injections, oils, aerosols (mouth spray).
Stomach upset, joint pain (arthralgia), eczema, itching (pruritus), ulcers. Used as moxa, by heating the acupuncture points. Verruca vulgaris (warts): A. argyi crushed, paste it into the disorder several times a day, during the 30 days.
power due to bleeding after childbirth:
4 new trees chinese + 6 cups water, boiled until the remaining 2 cups.
Drink 1 cup 2 x daily before meals.
15-45 grams of finely ground grain, meal.
Epilepsy (Epilepsy):
1 handful of roots artemisia + 1 + 1 thumb ginger sugar thumb
enau + 4 cups water, boiled into 2 glasses. 2 x 1 cup a day.
Sore throat:
Crushed fresh herbs, squeeze, drinking water.
Barucina + fresh ginger, boil until thick, drink 3 x.
A. rtemisia argyi Levl et Vant:
Have efficacy for the treatment of gastric carcinoma, breast gland enlargement. also used for the treatment of hepatitis, prostatitis, bronchitis, excessive menstruation, irregular menstruation and menstrual pain, and allergic diseases. This herb inhibits cell growth Helah.
30% of patients taking a decoction of leaves of A. argyi have a complaint of dry mouth, feeling of discomfort in the stomach tida (the largest), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness, which disappeared when using the leaf oil of A. argyi.
NATURE OF CHEMICAL AND pharmacological effect:
Taste bitter, spicy, warm. Eliminate the cold, eliminating pain, stop the bleeding (hemostatic), blood circulation, prevent miscarriage, regulate menstruation. This herb is entered meridian kidneys, lungs and spleen.
Oil evaporates (Phellandrene, cadinene, thujvl alcohol), alpha-Amyrin, fernenol, dehydromatricaria esters, cineole, terpinen-4-ol, beta-karyophyllene, 1-quebrachitol. Roots and stems: Inulin (containing artemose), a small Branch: Oxytocin, Yomogi alcohol, and ridentin,