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Alcohol Detox programs

We hear claims all the time that if you come to our alcohol detox program, you can detox without any pain and uncomfortability. Come to our alcohol detox program and we will give you plenty of narcotics and you will feel no pain. Come to our alcohol detox and you will feel comfortable and find people just like you.
Alcohol Detox and The Truth
The truth is that no matter what alcohol detox you decide on, alcohol detox is an uncomfortable time. With the right medications and physician, you do not have to be in pain, but alcohol withdrawal is uncomfortable. As for meeting people just like you, try telling that to a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Many, if not most alcohol detox programs, do not have a sense of what challenges the GLBT population have. It is hard enough to make the decision to go to alcohol detox, but to go to a detox and have to face prejudice, homophobia and experience more shame, is not what alcohol detox and addiction treatment should be about.
What is a Gay Friendly Alcohol Detox?
A gay friendly alcohol detox or gay alcohol detox medically is no different than any other quality and effective alcohol detox programs. The real difference is found is the training and education the nursing, medical and clinical staff has received. Alcohol detox is tough enough, the staff in a gay friendly detox understands the issues associated with "coming out", internalized homophobia, the shame you have experienced and the feelings of isolation. The experience of "really" being accepted can make all the difference in your alcohol detox process.