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Traditonal Medicine herbs

TraditionalMedicine Herbs

1.PallaleoMarcocappala [Mahkota Dewa]

Tree Crown god cultivated as an ornamental / shade plants. Small tree with a height of 3 meters, has an interesting fruit because the color red, pressed from the main trunk to the branches.
Called also Makuto Rojo, Makuto Queen, Drug Lord, Pau (Drug Heirlooms) or Crown of God. Derived from Papua (West Irian) and known and cultivated in Indonesia in Kraton Yogyakarta and Solo.bali

Mahkota Dewa Fruit

Mahkota Dewa fruit containing active substances such as:
· Alkaloids
serves as a detoxification that can neutralize toxins in the body.
· Saponins
a source of anti-bacterial and anti-virus, boost the immune system, increase vitality, reduce blood sugar levels, reduce blood clotting
· Flavanoid
circulation of blood throughout the body and prevent blockages in blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and reduce penumbunan content of fat in the blood vessel walls, reducing the levels of risk of coronary heart disease, contains anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), serves as an anti-oxidant, helps reduce the pain if there is bleeding or swelling
· Polyphenols
function as an anti-histamine (anti-allergy)
Mahkota Dewa is believed to prevent and help the healing process of various diseases, among others: * High blood pressure • strengthen the vitality for diabetics · Cancer (substance damnacanthal: inhibiting the growth of cancer cells) · uric acid · Lever · Allergy · Kidney · Heart · Various skin diseases · Overcoming drug addiction · Rheumatism Improve stamina and resistance to influenza · Insomnia