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Did you know this plant? To be sure you've seen this plant diselokan or other damp places. Impressed as plants that are not useful. But did you know that this Kitolod highly efficacious for treatment of disorders of the eye (nearsightedness, cataracts, minus and plus) and cancer?
Scientifically this plant has a scientific name or Isotoma longiflora Laurentia longiflora containing alkaloid compound that is lobelin, lobelamin and isotomin. The leaves contain alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Plant sap is toxic, but other plant parts have anti-inflammatory effects (antiflamasi), anticancer (antineoplasmik), relieve pain and stop bleeding.

According to Prof. (HC) Dr. H.W. Isnandar, an expert on leadership TOGA Dayang Sumbi Jamu, we can use fresh flowers kitolod for treatment ranging from myopic eyes, cataracts and even eye minus and plus. Only by taking a fresh interest kitolod, and then inserted into a glass of water, glass covered and allowed 5 minutes and then used to soak merambang or eyes. This is done every day until cured. Besides the flowers, in some areas also used some leaves that had been cut kitolod bud, then the dip in a glass of clean water used for dripping and eyes. The eyes will feel very painful, used as continue to feel the pain diminished and disappeared.
Keep in mind, both flower and leaf kitolod used must be truly clean. It is recommended to use a leaf or flower kitolod are cultured, or not using tolod ki plants originating from a dirty place that ultimately it would exacerbate our eye disease.
Prof. DR (HC) H. W. Isnandar mention that kitolod also an important crop in curing cancer. Here is a potion to cure cancer:
There are 4 ingredients, namely:

Material I:

- Plant Kitolod 7 stalks (from root to leaf)

Ø Lempuyang 7 stalks (from root to leaf)

Ø kesambi (Inbau) 7 shoots

Ø Tea Parasite 7 pieces (wet)

Ø Parasite clove 7 pieces (wet)

Parasite Brown Ø 7 pieces (wet)


Ø Boil all ingredients with 3 cups of water to boil, reserving up to 2.5 cups. After the cold water wring it out and take it, set aside.

Material II:

Ø 2.5 kg of white Kunir

Bangle Ø 0.5 kg

Ø Lempuyang 0.5 kg


All material is shredded and squeezed without additional water. Set aside half an hour to take the juice only, while the remaining starch in the bottom removed.

Materials III:

Ø Seed kedawung 0.25 kg


Ø kedawung Fry without oil (toasted) to bloom and discard skin.

Ø then mashed and sifted fine, set aside.

Materials IV:

Ø 2 cm Paku earth

Ø Jamurkayu one piece sheet of the palm of an adult


Grate the two ingredients are then mixed together with a third material.

How to make all the ingredients:

Ø The four above mentioned ingredients are mixed together and boil until boiling

Ø Add 350 grams of sugar and salt to taste

Ø Stir until blended and crystallized (dry)

Ø Remove and let cool

Ø Then sieve until smooth

How to use:

Mix 1 tablespoon of the ingredients above with 0.5 cups of warm water as needed.