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Bunga Tahi Kotok

Bunga Tahi Kotok
Latin name: Tagetes erecta L.
Family: Compositae (Asteraceac)

Plants are often planted kotok droppings in the yard and gardens as an ornamental plant. Kotok droppings came from Mexico, like an open place exposed to direct sunlight and humid air.
An annual herb that grows upright 60-70 cm tall, becabang, and smelled bad. Planted in the yard and gardens as an ornamental plant. Single leaf, pinnate share so deep that resembles the odd pinnate compound leaves. Taju children on both sides of leaves 5-9, lanceolate to narrow elongated shape, with rounded glandular spots near tapinya, it's green. Single flower, hump-shaped, yellow or orange color. Fruit hard, form lines, and black.
Solution of flowers can be used to kill maggots in the plant. Way, the mill rate (3g) until smooth, then add one quart of water. Strain and ready to be used to spray crops.
Nature and Benefits
Flowers bitter taste, its cool, distinctive smell. Tahi kotok efficacious anti-inflammatory, dilute phlegm, cough medicine, laxative urine (diuretic), and improve digestive disorders.
Chemical Ingredients
Containing 0.1% interest tegetiin terthienyl, helenian 0.74%, flavoxanthin.
Used Parts
Part used as medicine is the flower. Flowers can be dried for storage. The leaves also have medicinal and oil.
Flowers are used to overcome:

* Inflammation of the eye (konjunkvitis)
* Whooping cough (pertussis), inflammation of the airways (bronchitis),
* Sore throat, thrush,
* Toothache,
* Abdominal bloating, nausea,
* Hot seizures in children

How to Use:
For drugs taken, boiled dried flowers (5-15g), then drink the water.
For external use, wash the fresh flowers, then milled until smooth. Add white rice vinegar to taste, then use as a poultice in place of the sick, such as mumps (parotitis), breast inflammation (mastitis), and stiff (Rheumatism).
Fresh roots and leaves can also be used as a poultice for sores on the skin (piodermi). How milled until smooth and paste it on the sick.
Farmakologis Securities and Research Results
Menguapnya oil content of pyrethrin and efficacious in vitro bactericidal and fungsidal.
Example Usage

Whooping cough (pertussis):

* Boil the dried flower droppings kotok (15g) and palm sugar (to taste) with two cups of water until the water remains one glasses.
* Once cool, strain and drink the water twice a day, each half a glass.
Toothache, sore eyes
* Boil dried flowers kotok droppings (15g) with two cups of water until the remaining one cup.
* Once cool, strain and drink the water twice a day. Each half-cup.
Sore eyes
* Wash fresh flowers kotok tahi (one bud), then boiled.
* Once cool, strain and use to wash the eyes of the sick with a glass eye.