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Often used as gendola or circular arch over the street park. There are named binahong and comes from Korea. However, this plant is already long existed in Indonesia and called gendola (Basella rubra Linn.)
Almost all parts of the plant binahong like tubers, stems and leaves can be used in herbal therapy. Now the seedlings easily bought at a tourist attraction Kopeng. This plant is grown in both cold and humid environments.
The benefits of this plant has been picked Soejiyo, a former employee that normal Kanindotex nglaju Solo-Semarang every time work. He said, binahong are herbs that can restore a lackluster stamina.
Besides increasing the vitality of man, binahong to heal wounds within and outside such as after surgery, typus, ulcers, colitis, and hemorrhoid. Can also cope with the swelling and blood clots, restoring the condition of weak after the illness, arthritis, bruising hit, uric acid and prevent stroke.
For use in, Soejiyo meraciknya as follows: take the rhizome (bulb) to taste, washed, then boiled, filtered, and the results after a cold drink 2-3 times a day, this way to heal the wound scar, ulcer, typhus, dysentery, physical fitness (add eggs and honey), to prevent stroke, gout and lumbago.
However, the tuber can also be dried, then finely ground, then put in a capsule 0.5 mh and drink 3 times a day.
For external use only, finely ground leaves and stems and then smeared on the affected part. This material is to heal bruises due to hit, hit the fire (heat), rheumatic, stiff, sore muscles, soften skin.
Tuber other ingredients mixed together by boiling betel leaf, ginger with an odd comparison: 7, 9, 13 to healing the heart swelling, swelling of the liver, diabetes, kidney damage and inflammation of the colon.
The stem to overcome the weaknesses of men, which taken by the sap is applied to the penis, then set aside some time to do intercourse with wife. If digodog with kencur (3 cups to 1 cup) drink each night for one week, the results also